Week of January 21st

THURSDAY – Warm-up – European Countries QuizzesTHE TEST IS FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1ST!

Activity – The People vs. Columbus, et al.

WEDNESDAY – Warm-up is the same.

Activity – Discussion of prior knowledge of Christopher Columbus; watched a video and took two column notes for a brief overview of Columbus’ life.

The Indictments


TUESDAY – Warm-up – European Countries Quizzes: use this link to work your way through each of the quizzes listed below. Your final goal (end of January) is 100% on each of the quizzes in the 10 minute warm up period each day. THE TEST IS FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1ST!

  • Nordic Countries
  • Western Europe
  • Southern Europe
  • Central Europe
  • Southeastern Europe
  • Eastern Europe

Activity -Christopher Columbus: pre-investigation document.

Activity: Encounter by Jane Yolen

ActivityAuthor’s Note

MONDAY – No School – Martin Luther King Day

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