Week of January 14th

TUESDAY – THURSDAY: See Warm-up below.

Activity: Students have had three full class periods to construct a three paragraph, essay that explains/recalls what they learned about early human history, the first migration to the Americas, and early civilizations in the Americas. Thursday is the last day to work on this in class. If not completed it is homework. Due on January 22nd.

MONDAY – Warm-up – European Countries Quizzes: use this link to work your way through each of the quizzes listed below. Your final goal (end of January) is 100% on each of the quizzes in the 10 minute warm up period each day.

  • Nordic Countries
  • Western Europe
  • Southern Europe
  • Central Europe
  • Southeastern Europe
  • Eastern Europe

Activity: This week we will work on a three paragraph essay titled Stone Age to City Sates. Paragraph one will cover the earliest evidence of the history of humans; paragraph two will inform the reader of the migration to the Americas; the third and final paragraph will tell about the development of civilizations in the Americas. Student will work on the essay in class Mon-Thurs. If not completed by Thursday it will become homework due on January 22nd!

Graphic Organizer – for reference purposes only. Student copy is in Google Classroom.

Writing Assignment –¬†for reference purposes only. Student copy is in Google Classroom.

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