Week of December 3rd

FRIDAY – Warm-up: South America Quiz Game Get 100% twice before you move on to today’s activity.

Activity: Finish up the Beginning of Cities assignment. Posted in Ggoogle Classroom. If not completed today, it is homework!


THURSDAY – Warm-up North America and Latin America Quiz Game

Activity – Finish the Mesoamerica vocab page (There will be a test – so be accurate)

Activity – The Beginning of Cities. Assignment is posted in Google Classroom

WEDNESDAY – No warm up

Activity – The origins and history of chocolate – video featuring Alton Brown

Activity – What is the evolution of how societies have organized themselves?

Band; Tribe; Chiefdom; City-state; Empire

Activity – Mesoamerica vocabulary sheet. We will work on this in class today and tomorrow.

TUESDAY – World Waterways Final Exam

MONDAY: No Warm-up

Activity: Move paragraph from old Google Class to New Google Class

Activity: Face Your Fears

Activity: Fly Away! Use Google Earth to “fly” to each of the locations on tomorrow’s test.


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