Week of November 26th

WEDNESDAY –¬†Warm-up: quiz one another on the waterways map – 5 min.

Activity: Trimester One Final Paragraph. Posted in Google Classroom. Due Thursday!!!

TUESDAY –¬†Warm-up: quiz one another on the waterways map – 10 min.

Activity: Hawaii video feature the culture of the islands. No make up needed if you were absent.

MONDAY – Warm-up: quiz one another on the waterways map.

Activity: We will watch a video on Hawaii tomorrow. Today we will define 13 vocabulary words you will hear in the video. Write these down if you were absent.

Vocabulary Words Meaning
sovereignty A nation or a group of people who rule themselves with no outside influence
“third world” An outdated term indicating a country that is poor. Now termed developing nation.
haole Hawaiian word to describe caucasions or “mainlanders”
archipelago A group or a chain of islands
sustainable the ability to keep it going
immigrant person who moves from one country to another
monolith solid rock – in ONE piece
century one hundred years
ethnicity belonging to a social group that has a common national or cultural tradition
contemporaneous working with what is available here and now
indigenous native to the land
aina Hawaiian word meaning the land that feeds us
ohana Hawaiian word meaning family and extended family

ATTENTION!! Check your grades. The trimester ends on November 29th. All late work, extra credit, and binder rechecks must be completed by Thursday of this week.

EXTRA CREDIT: Use the form posted in Google Classroom to post your original question. Then RESEARCH on your own to find the answer. Clearly explain the answer to your own question IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Post as many as you like; they are worth UP TO 5 points each.

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