Week of October 22nd

FRIDAY – South America Test – if you were absent you will have to make up the test before school, during lunch, or during warm up.

Activity – Independent work time to finish Early Human History paragraph and notes. THESE ARE DUE ON MONDAY. There will not be time to work on this in class Monday.

THURSDAY – Warm-up: South America Quiz Game Goal – 100% twice. TEST IS TOMORROW!!

Lesson – Writing a paragraph

Activity – Write the paragraph

The assignment is posted in Google Classroom. ALL NOTES AND PARAGRAPHS DUE ON MONDAY, OCT 29TH.

WEDNESDAY – Warm-up: South America Quiz Game Goal – 100% twice. TEST IS THIS FRIDAY!!

Activity –  Give One – Get One: Find others in class who NEED the notes you have, and GIVE them one of your notes, then you can GET one from them.

TUESDAY – Warm-up: South America Quiz Game Goal – 100% twice. TEST IS THIS FRIDAY!!

Lesson – there was a short 5 minute lesson covering the Paleolithic Age and the Neolithic Age and what it all means. Included also in the discussion were the Bronze Age, Iron Age, Middle Ages, Modern Age and the current age,  the Information Age.

Activity – We played a 60 Minutes feature on the ancient art of falconry – key word is ancient! Students were required to write at least one question about what they watched.

Activity – more time to work on Early Human History notes.


MONDAY – Warm-up:  South America Quiz Game Goal – 100% twice. TEST IS THIS FRIDAY!!

Activity – Research early human history articles on Newsela to find evidence to define, explain, compare or contrast the essential vocabulary of this unit. The “power words” are posted in the assignment on Google Classroom. THE KEY showing where to find the evidence is also posted in GC.

Students will have time in class on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday of this week, students will have time in class to write a paragraph showing wheat they have learned about early human history.

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