Welcome Back!!

FRIDAY – Today we were introduced to the Chromebook policies for the classroom and we explored one of the acceptable uses of the Chromebooks in our classroom with GeoGuesser.

Click on the link above; click on the SIGN UP button; click on the SIGN UP WITH GOOGLE button.


THURSDAY – Today we took a baseline pre-test showing student knowledge of place names for continents, oceans and countries in the world. If you were absent you must see Mr. D. about making up the test.

We also reviewed school cell phone policies and expected hall behavior.


WEDNESDAY – Today we authenticated our district technology accounts, activated our Synergy accounts, and checked to make sure we could open our student email.

If you missed today, make sure to check in with me to find out what you need to do.

As for the extra credit offered yesterday – the deadline has passed. ONE student took advantage of the opportunity. Tune in often for more opportunities 🙂

TUESDAY – What a great first day at Scenic Middle School! The students listened to a presentation by the principal about the “Spartan Way.” If we can all get on the same page with this, it will be a great year!

In class we answered the burning questions:

“What is Social Studies?”

“Why is it important to learn it?”

If you were in class, and you checked this blog, you have a chance to earn your first FIVE EXTRA CREDIT POINTS! (I don’t give these out often either). To get YOUR points, put your name (ALWAYS FIRST AND LAST) and the period you have social studies in the upper right corner. Then tell me the very important advice I gave to you about success in this class.

I also asked you to think about what “agreements” we would need in order for all of us to be able to do our jobs well.

The deadline for this passes at the end of school on Wednesday!

Greetings! This home page – and related site links – will be THE PLACE to find everything you need to know for a successful year in this Social Studies class.

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