Week of April 23rd

WEDNESDAY – Warm up – Western Asia aka The Middle East.

Activity – Research types of governments the world has experienced. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but these types of governments have been used in the past, or are in use today. The graphic organizer is posted in google Classroom. Click on the links below to begin your research.

Civics for Kids

BBC – Types of Government

World Governments – A hodge podge of good information. you may have to make inferences with this one.

Interesting map of where in the world each type of government is used. Not much information here; so don’t “spin your wheels” too long gazing at it.



TUESDAY – Warm up – Western Asia aka The Middle East.

Activity – moderated chat. The rules – stay on topic, participate, and be engaged.
Go with what you know or what you THINK to begin with.
After the 10 minute timer, continue discussion while reading through the attached article.
Complete the EXIT TICKET in the last 10 minutes.



MONDAY – Warm up – Western Asia

Activity – Map Analysis – posted in Google Classroom.

Project Evaluation – posted in Google Classroom.


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