Week of March 12th

FRIDAY – no warm up. Quiz is posted in Google Classroom.

Video Activity: While you are viewing this video series, be thinking about how countries divide their territory into administrative units. The USA is divided into states; as you have seen, other countries are divided into regions that may have different names, such as provinces, districts, or prefectures.  This video series will give insight into WHY the lines are drawn the way they are. PAY ATTENTION to the reasons they are drawn so that you can apply these same principles when you divide your country into administrative units.

A River Runs Through It.

The Great Plains, Trains, and Automobiles.

Force of  Nature

Alternate Plan – Use this link How did the States Get Their Shapes to read the required information. Then use the provided map of the Untied States to outline and color every state that has a river or other physical feature as a border. you may have to use your “Google Foo” to research this. Label each river and mountain range that influenced the shapes of our states.

THURSDAY – warm up – East Africa quiz game. QUIZ on FRIDAY!

Activity I – class discussion review of vocabulary from yesterday. Turn in assignment.

Activity II – Read the article Administrative Divisions within Nations as a group. Discuss how you may want to divide your country into administrative units. Use the group document created recently to keep your notes on. If you have not already done so, title it “Brainstorm.”


WEDNESDAY – warm up – East Africa quiz game. QUIZ on FRIDAY!

Activity – finish researching for your definition of the differences between “nation,” “country,” and “State.” Finally, how does this define a “nation-state?”

Use this link to read further – The difference between nation and country

TUESDAY – Warm up – East Africa quiz game. QUIZ on FRIDAY!

Activity – Introduce new unit – Create Your Own Country

Work together to come up with a working sixth grade definition of “nation state” and how that is different from being a “country.”

Administrative Division Within Nations

MONDAY – No School


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