Week of December 11th

TUESDAY – Warm up – Western Europe place name quiz. TEST THIS FRIDAY! If you are not getting 100% on this quiz, you should study at home a little.

Activity – Christopher Columbus unit paragraphs. Students will write a position paragraph about Christopher Columbus. Complete directions are in Google Classroom. If the assignment is not completed by Friday, it is homework over Winter Break.

Evidence Sources linked below; also available in Google Classroom

Columbus text 1

Columbus text 2

Encounter pdf

Author’s Note, provided by Jane Yolen, author of the historical fiction book Encounter.

Video: Biography of Christopher Columbus

Video: History vs. Columbus


MONDAY – Warm up – Western Europe place name quiz. TEST THIS FRIDAY!

Activity – Columbus – In His Own Words. Student will continue their investigation of primary source documents to determine how Columbus felt about the native people in the New World.


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