Week of November 6th

MONDAY – Warm up – South America Quiz Game

Activity – Collecting facts for paragraphs; write your paragraphs. DUE  by WEDNESDAY!!!!

(You will have time in class on Tuesday, but it’s homework that night if not completed.)

TUESDAY – no warm up….get to work on your paragraphs.

  • BEFORE you turn it in…make sure you have no spelling, capitalization, or punctuation errors.
  • DO NOT share the document with the teacher….turn it in in Google Classroom
  • Format the document by indenting paragraphs (tab key), double spacing lines, and highlighting any of our essential vocabulary words.

If you do not finish in class today – IT IS HOMEWORK!!

If you finish early and have extra time, check out some of the articles linked in Wednesday’s post below to preview which Native American / Mesoamerican culture you would like to learn more about.

WEDNESDAY – You have 5 minutes to hand in your Early Americans assignment.

Lesson – Taking good notes

Activity – today we begin a new research unit. Please see Google Classroom for the directions.

Links – below are links to articles that have summary information on the various culture regions for Native Americans and Mesoamericans. Keep in mind, these are just starting points. Once you choose the culture you will research, you may have to “DIG” a little deeper to find everything you need.

Below are links to the different culture groups….see what you can “dig” up.


Northwest Coast Culture Area

Tillamook Tribe\

Islands, Mountains, People – Upper Klamath and Modoc tribes

Klamath Tribe


Khan Academy – Culture of the Southwest

Pueblo Tribe


Khan Academy – Culture of the Plains

Legends of America – The Pawnee

Great Plains American Indian Facts

The Pawnee “Stargazers”


Khan Academy – Culture of the Northeast


Khan Academy – Culture of the Southeast

Ancient Historical Society – The Cherokee Tribe

Cherokee History

Southeast Indian Facts

Cherokee Leadership Roles

Cherokee Weapons

Cherokee Clothing


Quick History of the Aztecs– a good introduction

Meso-America Before European Contact

Britannica.com – Aztecs

The Aztecs – A Pre-Columbian History


Ten Interesting Facts about the Mayan Culture


Quick History of the Inca

Inca Civilization


Ducksters – General link for Aztec, Mayan, and Inca

Ducksters – Native Americans – (General link for a variety of Native American cultures)

Native Americans Before 1992 – Brief general information

Encyclopedia.com – Type the name of your tribe into the search box on the site.

Native Americans – A useful introduction to culture groups. Written in a manner easy to understand.


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