Week of Oct 16th

WEDNESDAY РWarm up: South America Quiz game TEST THIS FRIDAY!!

Lesson: Introducing Dialogue in the Classroom – See GC for the slide show and the articles to prepare for the first discussion on Thursday….Advantages and Disadvantages of student led conferences.

Tool Tip: Google Keep is a great way to annotate articles you find on the internet.

TUESDAY – Warm up: South America quiz games. TEST THIS FRIDAY!!

Review – alphabetizing. Students will need to file their portfolios several times over the next week, so we reviewed how to file alphabetically. No grade.

Activity – Self evaluation/reflection on the Flip Book project.



MONDAY – Warm up: GPA Report. Warm up #2: South America Quiz

South America Quiz game

Use this map to check locations of countries you do not know.

Today we began putting our portfolio folders together to help us get ready for student-led conferences to be held next week.

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