Week of Sept. 25

WEDNESDAY – warm up: North America Quiz Game

Here is another North America Quiz if you are looking for a change of “scenery.”

Activity – Independent work time –  The Earth flip book

Due Date – October 4th


TUESDAY – warm-up: Finish your GPA Report if not done then go on to the quiz game linked below.

North America Quiz Game

(Note: Turks and Caicos (UK) St. Pierre (FR) and Bermuda (UK) will NOT be on the final)

Lesson: Peer Critique – Be Kind – Be Helpful – Be Specific

Activity – The Earth flip book

Due Date – October 4th

MONDAY – warm up: calculate your GPA and make a plan for fixing any D’s or F’s.

Time Zones – See Google classroom for the time zone map worksheet and an article to help us understand time zones.

If not finished in class it is homework.

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