Week of Sept. 18

THURSDAY – Warm-up: review your facts for latitude and longitude so you can score points playing Jeopardy!

Activity: Jeopardy Review Game

Study for the quiz tomorrow!!



WEDNESDAY -Warm-up – latitude and longitude practice

EASY – Treasure Hunt

CHALLENGE – Where’s Hannah?

Today’s activity – practice your latitude and longitude skills with this worksheet. It will be extremely important that you pay CLOSE ATTENTION to the directions. USE YOUR RESOURCES!! This is HOMEWORK if not finished in class.

page 2

page 8-9

textbook pg 4-5

Latitude and Longitude Facts

Understanding Latitude and Longitude – the Global Grid

Latitude and Longitude for Kids

Print the worksheet and directions linked below.

Lat Long World Worksheet


TUESDAY – Warm-up – latitude and longitude practice

EASY – Treasure Hunt

CHALLENGE – Where’s Hannah?

Lessons – videos covering latitude/longitude and revolution/rotation (linked on Monday’s post)


MONDAY – Warm up – check your grades in Synergy – write out a plan to correct any low grades by Friday.

The warm up the rest of this week is to practice your latitude and longitude location skills.

Use this site to practice your treasure hunting skills (a.k.a. latitude and longitude)

Lessons today – finish our vocabulary page; then a question and answer session to clarify terms.



absolute location An exact location on the planet with a physical address or latitude/longitude coordinates
relative location The location of any place “relative” to another better known place or landmark using distance and direction.
hemisphere One half of the globe; can be split into east and west at the Prime Meridian or north and south at the Equator
cardinal directions north, east, south, and west; abbreviated N. E, S, and W
intermediate directions The points on the compass rose that lie halfway between each cardinal direction. They are northeast, southeast, southwest, and northwest; abbreviated NE, SE, SW, and NW
revolution The earth revolves around the sun; it takes 1 year (365 ¼ days) to make one revolution.
rotation The earth spins on its axis; it takes approximately 24 hrs to make one rotation.
geographic zones The latitudinal zones that separate the earth into warm, temperate, and frigid zones.

We did not get to any of what is below here today – we will cover it tomorrow.

A simple explanation of latitude and longitude with Dr. Nagler.

How to use latitude and longitude from How Stuff Works.

Interesting article on how the Prime Meridian was established at Greenwich, England.

These two videos cover rotation and revolution.

Crash Course Kids 8.1

Science Videos for Kids


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