Week of June 5th to June 9th

MONDAY – No quiz this week. However, you will take your last full world map test this week – AND IT COUNTS ON YOUR FINAL GRADE!

Socratic Seminar preparation – we will conduct our last Socratic seminar on Wednesday of this week. The topic of discussion will be cannibalism. Use these links below to prepare. The required assignment has been pushed out on Google Classroom.

Three Types of Cannibalism – Read and discuss with your group to put these thoughts into “6th grade words.”

Mmmm, Brains: Everything You Wanted to Know About Cannibalism But Were Afraid to Ask

The Truth About Cannibalism – (abridged version)

The Era of Settlement (SKIP TO THE SECTION about Neolithic Society)

Cannibalism: Normal for Early Humans?

An Eye for an Eye: Cannibalism in the South Pacific

Pacific Islands Report: The Sacred Value Of Cannibalism In Fiji

The Donner Party – History.com

History of Medicinal Cannibalism

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