Week of May 15th

FRIDAY – Today we downloaded and explored software that will aid in our presentations next week.

You will need to load Prezi. There are a few steps to verify and begin to use Prezi.

  1. Click on free version
  2. Enter you student email and click Verify.
  3. Enter the school details – (Scenic Middle School – Central Point – www.district6.org/sms/)
  4. Check the box at the bottom confirming you are at this school
  5. Close the educational licence registration box
  6. Open a new tab and go to your school email
  7. When you receive an email from Prezi, click on the verification LINK they send you.


WEDNESDAY – Warm up – East Asia and South Asia quizzes. QUIZ THIS FRIDAY!!

Today we are launching a new project – The Oceania Research Project. Students will work in groups of 3 to 4 to share the research, writing, and presentation responsibilities. The project connects the curriculum of English Language Arts and Social Studies as students are currently reading the novel Call it Courage, which is set in the Polynesian islands of the South Pacific. Groups will have a total of six school days to complete the project. Presentations will be on Thursday, May 25th.

Research Links


The Pacific Islands

The Pacific Ocean and Its Islands

Encyclopedia Britannica – The Pacific Islands

Polynesian Culture (general)

Encyclopedia Britannica – Polynesian Culture

Polynesian Mythology

Polynesian Mythology

Maori Myths, Legends and Contemporary Stories

Polynesian Tattoo Art

PBS Site on Polynesian Tattoo

Polynesian Tattoo History

Zealand Tattoo

History of Polynesian Tattoo


PBS Site on Wayfinding – VERY good site.

On Wayfinding – Nainoa Thompson

The Era of Settlement


The Truth About Cannibalism – (abridged version)

The Era of Settlement (SKIP TO THE SECTION about Neolithic Society)

Cannibalism: Normal for Early Humans?

An Eye for an Eye: Cannibalism in the South Pacific

Pacific Islands Report: The Sacred Value Of Cannibalism In Fiji

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