Week of April 24th

MONDAY – THURSDAY: Mr. D is out of the classroom these four days, so there will not be daily updates to the class blog.

Europe Quiz series: this week’s Friday quiz will be on Southeastern Europe. Students will have 7-10 minutes a day at the beginning of class to practice for the quiz. Click here for Europe Quiz Series.

Governments of the World flip book: this is your #1 priority this week. The final product is due on Thursday. Directions are posted in GC.

Governments and Economies final exam is on Friday!! Once you finish with your flip book you can make “cheat notes” for the test. Directions are posted on GC. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS CLOSELY OR YOU MAY NOT GET TO KEEP YOUR NOTES DURING THE TEST!!!!!

Have a great week!! See you on Friday. BE GOOD TO THE SUB 🙂


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