Week of April 17

WEDNESDAY – Warm-up: study the countries of Eastern Europe. QUIZ ON THURSDAY!!

Activity 1: Read the article “Super Bowl 2014: What drives the price of Super Bowl tickets?,” and then fill in the graphic organizer posted in GC.

Activity 2: Earn bonus points by describing how supply and demand affects the price of tickets to San Francisco Giants’ baseball games


TUESDAY – Warm-up: study the countries of Eastern Europe. QUIZ ON THURSDAY!!

Review: Types of Government and Sectors of the Economy

Activity 1: Debrief yesterday’s classroom activity – What’s a Supply For?

Activity 2: The Hudsucker Proxy – this short video clip illustrates part of the law of supply and demand. Your task is to explain which part. Question posted in GC.

Activity 3: Follow up video clip to Hudsucker Proxy – EconPop – The Economics of The Hudsucker Proxy explains supply and demand and how it relates to labor as well. Follow up question posted in GC.



MONDAY – Warm-up: study the countries of Eastern Europe. QUIZ ON THURSDAY!!

We began today with a review of types of governments – communism, fascism, and socialism. This was followed by a discussion that these are really economic systems that have become synonymous as types of governments. This served as a segue into this week’s focus of study….

LEARNING TARGET: I can explain a basic principal Capitalism, or a free market economy – the law of (to be announced later).

Activity 1: Quick write – After viewing the sales posted for winter apparel on the Columbia Sportswear site, answer the following question in GC. Why do the retailers choose to give drastic markdowns to the consumer on selected clothing only?

Activity 2: What’s a Supply For? This activity is linked on GC. If it is not finished during class it is homework.











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