Week of April 3rd

THURSDAY – We finished our notes on types of government in the world.

Students also have an opportunity for extra credit. There is three questions posed on GC. Use the following link to answer them – Political Systems in the 20th Century


WEDNESDAY – We watched the rest of the video that we began yesterday. Get the notes from a classmate or Mr. D if you missed it.

All students have an opportunity to exempt themselves from all the Europe weekly quizzes and final exam if he/she can score 100% on a Europe test Friday morning – IN ONE TRY.

TUESDAY – Today we began our study of World Governments. This unit is a brief overview of the types of governments around the world with a brief explanation of the key traits, advantages and disadvantages of each. The notes sheet is posted on the GC stream.

Don’t forget the quiz this Friday on the names and locations of the Nordic countries and Western Europe.

MONDAY – Welcome Back! Our next series of quizzes and a final exam will cover the names and locations of countries in Europe.

Warm up – Europe Quiz Series . This Friday’s quiz will be over the Nordic countries and Western Europe.

Today we took an interim assessment for the essential geography vocabulary. We will take this test one more time this year.

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