Week of March 6th

MONDAY – We conducted a simulation in class today. A small percentage of students were selected as the “Europeans” who would exploit the land and the people of Africa. Another group of students were passive natives thriving in the cattle culture tribes of the Nuer and Dinka. Lastly, a large group of Congolese were “forced” into slave labor (they sorted Jolly Ranchers). All of this to help students understand the European Imperialism that occurred in the late 1800’s in Africa. Nothing to make up.

We do have the Africa Final Exam this week. Students should be studying if they do not know the names and locations of ALL the contiguous countries of Africa (and Madagascar)


Step 1: Go to the Chrome Web Store and download the Chrome Extension – Keep

Step 2: Open your Socratic Seminar Preparation page in Google Classroom

Step 3: Find evidence to support your statements during Socratic Seminar on Thursday

Step 4: IF YOU WERE ABSENT….. You should watch the review video posted in Imperialism Review

You are looking for the motivations, justifications and technology advances behind the Europeans’ Imperialist policies in Africa. The graphic organizer for taking notes has been streamed in Google Classroom.

Then you should listen to the podcast from Episode 3: the Scramble for Africa (linked below).

Links for finding evidence:

Episode 3: The Scramble for Africa
Read Articles #4 and #6 in European Imperialism in Africa: DBQ
Life During Imperialism
Brief Description of the Berlin Conference
“Guns, Germs and Steel”: Jared Diamond on Geography as Power (skip forward to the second page and the paragraphs focused on Africa)
Long Run Effects of Scramble for Africa

WEDNESDAY – We have a change in schedule this week. The Africa Final Exam will be on Thursday and the Socratic Seminar will be on Friday.

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