Week of January 23rd

MONDAY – The focus this week is still on land-forms in the Western Hemisphere. Students should have turned in their individual sets of questions and answers last Friday. The groups will have class time Monday through Wednesday to complete creating ALL facets of their game. Thursday and Friday will be used for “beta” testing the games – yea!

We will have a DGP warm up each day this week. Please find the map linked below. The question and answer form can be found in Google Classroom.

A Physical Map-South America

When you finish your DGP each day, you can begin practicing the countries of Africa. I suggest the following link so you can choose which region you want to quiz on. The first quiz in February will be North Africa. Find the box that says Game Controls to choose the region to quiz on.

Africa Quiz Game

TUESDAY -WEDNESDAY – Students have class time to work on their Landform Games.

A huge thank you to Verizon for the classroom supplies they gave to us!! It is part of their Culture of Good campaign.

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