Week of Sept. 26 to 30

TUESDAY – First, let me apologize to those of you who have been checking in here for direction. Life get’s crazy sometimes, and we get a little behind on stuff.

So, students have had 3 1/2 periods to collect five dates, two sentences of details regarding those dates, and five relevant images to post alongside those dates. if students did not finish this task by end of class today, IT IS HOMEWORK. See Google Classroom for more details.

Students will create a timeline at this site http://www.timetoast.com/

Daily Geography Practice (DGP) This is an opportunity for students to sharpen their geography skills. Each day has two questions and is worth 2 points….10 points per week. Students are given the opportunity to improve a score at anytime. Below is a set of links to this week’s exercises.

regions-of-the-u-s The Map



As always, e-mail me if you have questions

THURSDAY – We HAD to wrap up the timeline project today. Students had the equivalent of FIVE FULL CLASS PERIODS to find five dates in the history of the Native American culture group of their choosing. The task then was to summarize what happened on that date in two sentences in their own words. Ideally, students would have taken that information and plugged it into a digital time line at Timetoast.com. As time has run out on us, the aforementioned notes are HOMEWORK if not yet completed, and the timeline is optional for extra bonus points on the project.

FRIDAY – Kids got a day to catch up today. See the above entry for what needs to be done by Monday. Have a great weekend!

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