Week of September 19th

MONDAY – Today begins the evaluation of the unit Populating the Americas. Students needed to share with other students what they knew about either of the theories. If students did not talk at all, or if what they were saying showed they were not prepared, Mr. D will email them an invitation to talk to him one on one either before school or during lunch. The talk is worth 1/3 of the unit grade. The other two thirds consist of the notes and diagrams a student turns in and the essay each student will turn in digitally in Google Classroom.

Students will have time in class on Tuesday and possibly Wednesday to complete the 1 – 2 paragraph essay. If not completed by then it is homework. THE DUE DATE IS THURSDAY.

Daily Geography Practice week-3-page-1 week-3-page-2

This weeks Daily Geography Practice map is here: week-3-map If a student is absent or feels that ten minutes was not enough time to complete the two questions for the day, they can access it here on the blog.


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