TUESDAY – This is a special day for the 6th grade students….a day to get acquainted and settle in for a great year at Scenic Middle School. The day went very well. We had a welcome assembly to meet the Scenic Staff and compete in a rousing game of “Hungry Hippo.” The Green Team was victorious!!!

Things to think about:

The Green Team policies sheet should be gone over at home and signed by both a guardian and the student. Return it to their Academic Lab teacher ASAP.

Students authenticated their school log-in today. We will go to the library on Monday to create a Synergy log-in (grade book on line)

Tomorrow is a late start. Students should not be on campus until 9:00 a.m. at the earliest.

WEDNESDAY – Today we took a pre-test of geography knowledge. We will take the test four times this year and track our progress and our learning.

We also went over some of the policies in the classroom. Check out the link at the top of the page for information on classroom policies.

THURSDAY – Today we logged into the Chromebooks and joined the respective Google Classroom we are part of. See Mr. D if you missed this important activity. We also practiced learning the locations of the 50 United States. There will be extra credit available during the first trimester for knowing the locations of all 50 states.

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