Week of October 5 – 8

MONDAY – We researched on Chromebooks for information to fill out an independent timeline. Print this if you need the dates – independent time line dates and directions.

The timeline paper is 11 x 17 , but you can see the template here timeline template 10k BC to 2k AD

We will work on this in class Monday through Wednesday.

WE also have USA Quiz #4 on Thursday. Here is the study guide and a printable map if you need it.

Study Guide USA quiz 4  USA blank map

TUESDAY – We continued work on the independent timeline

Homework – Study 10 minutes for your quiz on Thursday.



I love technology! Each student and parent now has the opportunity to sign up for digital reminders on your cell phone. Here’s how….

Follow this link to Remind.com

Please sign up with your first and last name.

THURSDAY – We focused on vocabulary related to early human migration to the Americas.

The assignment is called KIM Vocabulary. The expectation for the assignment is to give a short definition/important point, and write a complete and correct sentence in context. The memory clue picture is optional.


KIM Vocab Directions


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