Week of September 28th

MONDAY – We spent the day becoming familiar with Synergy Vue and learning how to check our grades and track our progress. Students were asked to fill out a missing work form for any missing assignments and file it in their portfolios. Students were also asked to fill out a form for assignments or quizzes with low grades.

USA Quiz #3 study guide was handed out. The quiz is on Friday. Students should study ten minutes per night to get ready for this quiz. Study Guide USA quiz 3

TUESDAY – We spent time talking about how to set goals. We discussed the difference between academic goals and social/behavior goals, and things we can do to ensure we meet our goals. Goals should be measurable data.

We played a game to help us learn the names of the continents and the oceans.

USA Quiz #3 is this Friday. Study 10 minutes each night.

Secret message! – the first student to recite the names of all five oceans on Wednesday will get a treat.

WEDNESDAY – Each student is responsible for researching one historical event from a list of Eastern and Western hemisphere events. Click here for your independent time line dates and see the criteria in the fine print at the top.

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