Week of Sept 21-25

MONDAY – We handed out a new states quiz study guide today. Study Guide USA quiz 2

Here is a blank map to practice with if needed. USA blank map

Students should study 10 minutes per night on their own. The USA quiz games on the Geography Links page is a fun way to study.

Today we reviewed the latitude and longitude concepts. Students were directed to copy notes from the board in order to use them to study from for the test retake on Thursday of this week. Students will be allowed to have THEIR notes out during the test. They will not be permitted to just print the notes provided here. They can copy them though. lat long notes

TUESDAY – The learning target today was “be able to explain chronological order and use it to create a timeline.” The discussion was about historical events and when they happened. Typically at this age, students recall history and historical events of the last 200 years. We participated in an activity that showed just that on a timeline display in the classroom. For those who were not here…chronological means the order in which events happen.

There was a short exercise to put the events of the previous day in chronological order. (not a graded assignment)

WEDNESDAY – Today the learning target in class shifted to “Human migration into the Americas”

The primary activity was to watch, take notes about, and discuss ideas presented in three videos that can be viewed on YouTube. When we watch videos in class, it is not a passive activity, i.e. we must take notes and then summarize what we’ve seen. The two column notes provide some ideas to look for in the videos. 2 column notes EARLY NORTH AMERICAN MIGRATION

The summary paragraph on the back of the notes page is an assignment – DUE FRIDAY.

Links to the videos below:

Pre Historic People in North America 40 000 years ago

North America: In The Beginning

When Did the First Americans Arrive



THURSDAY – Latitude/longitude retest today. If a student wants to improve his/her grade on this test, she/he must conference with the teacher first.

Human migration paragraphs due on Friday!

Study 10 minutes for the quiz.

FRIDAY – USA quiz #2 – If a student wants to take this test again, she/he needs to conference with the teacher first.

Set up Synergy Vue accounts and Quia quiz accounts for Mrs. Richards.

Quia Account set-up

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