Week of September 14 – 18

MONDAY – We Reviewed the Learning Target for the unit we began last week. TIL for LatLong

Students continued to work on their flip book project. Due on Wednesday, September 16th.

Students were also informed at this time that ANY quiz, test, or project in Social Studies can be redone for a better grade. A student just needs to conference with the teacher first.

Students received their first study guide for the year. While being able to name the 50 states is a fifth grade standard, we will “review” the names of the states before we start to learn the names of countries around the world. The quiz is on Friday, Sept. 18th. Students should study 10 minutes a night for homework.

Study Guide USA quiz 1

Here’s a blank map for practice USA blank map

TUESDAY – Review of the learning targets for latitude and longitude.

Practice worksheets for latitude and longitude. These are due Thursday.

USA lat long easiest

USA lat long easy

Students had time to work on their flip books. These are homework if not finished in class today!!

Other homework – study 10 minutes for Friday’s quiz.

WEDNESDAY – Student were given the opportunity to practice their knowledge of the 50 states’ names and latitude and longitude skills on the Chromebooks.

Latitude/longitude flip books were due today. It will take a few days to assess those, so grades will not be in Synergy until early next week. Speaking of Synergy, students will be trained how to use Synergy next Friday – the 25th. If students do not have those turned in yet, they should do so ASAP.

Students also had a small latitude/longitude worksheet to complete by Thursday.

Homework – Study 10 minutes for the states quiz on Friday!

THURSDAY – We corrected the lat/long worksheet.

Students were assigned a latitude/longitude coloring and “following directions” worksheet. If it is not finished in class it is homework.

Latitude longitude coloring

World Lat long

Homework – Study for the states quiz and study for the lat/long test.

Materials to study for the lat/long test are linked below.

Absolute location flip book w vocab

Latitude longitude introduction


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