Welcome Back! Week of Sept 8-11

TUESDAY – What a great first day today! We had 6th grade students only today. We held an assembly with games and we toured the school grounds and did our best to help students feel comfortable and welcome. All green team students received a Green Team Policies and Procedures sheet that needs to get a parent signature and be returned to their 7th period teacher.

WEDNESDAY – World Geography pre/post test. This is not a graded test, but it is intended to set a baseline in order to measure growth this year. If a student did not finish the multiple choice geography concepts quiz, I have asked them to finish it for homework. They should do this on their own with no Internet or help from others.

THURSDAY – Absolute Location is the subject for the next few days in class. We looked at the following things in class today…

A vocabulary prediction activity – exclusion brainstorm pre unit activity

The learning target sheet – TIL for LatLong

We listened to the latitude/longitude song from the Singing Science series.

We read and discussed the Latitude longitude introduction



Create a flip book showing absolute location concepts and terms. Students will choose five terms to define and illustrate.

Directions for the project here – Absolute location flip book w vocab

Due date for the project is Wednesday, Sept 16. Students will have Monday and Tuesday in class to work on this. Use the links below to read further….

Social Studies for Kids

Understanding latitude and longitude

Advanced! Astronomy Education – University of Nebraska



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