Week of April 6th

MONDAY – We handed out the Asia Quiz 2 Study Guide . Quiz will be Friday, April 10th!

We watched a short video clip and had a short discussion regarding the differences between the two primary Muslim sects. No follow up required – solely for enrichment.

Students began filling out a graphic organizer showing basic information about the five major world religions. Print here if needed graphic organizer _ world religions .

Once filled out in class – students will complete Venn diagrams to show common traits.

TUESDAY – WEDNESDAY : We filled in the graphic organizer _ world religions

We then used that information to fill out two Venn diagrams. The two way Venn shows the comparison of Hinduism and Buddhism. The three way Venn shows the comparison of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. If the Venn diagrams are not finished THEY ARE HOMEWORK.

Print a 2 way Venn or 3 way Venn here.

Students should also be studying the countries on this week’s quiz (see Monday) to be held on Friday.

There will also be a True or False test on the basic facts written in the graphic organizer / world religions linked above.

THURSDAY– We started our World Religions Writing Assignment. Students had about 1/2 of the class time today (30 min) to get it started. They will have a little less than half of the class on Friday to continue the first draft. On Monday we will practice some peer editing to get ready for final drafts. On Tuesday we will have an opportunity to word process the paper if students want to do that. However, there will be no other class time devoted to this assignment. Anything not finished by Tuesday becomes homework. The final draft is due Thursday, April 16th.

ASIA QUIZ #2 TOMORROW! Students should have been studying each night this week.

WORLD RELIGIONS QUIZ TOMORROW – Twenty-five T or F questions. Content is from class discussions and the graphic organizer linked above.

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