Week of February 23rd

MONDAY – Today was largely a carry over from last Friday’s lesson on time lines. Time Line Project

Africa Quiz #4 is this Friday. You should be studying 5 to 10 min per night. Africa Quiz 4

Africa history time line – a great synopsis of history in Africa. The default bookmark goes to 979 AD. from there you must navigate forward or backward with the buttons at the bottom of the screen.

TUESDAY – THURSDAY – Students had access to the class set of i-Pads to research their time line events. Students were instructed to gather enough information to write 2 to 4 sentences about each event. After nearly three full class periods spent in the classroom to gather the information, students will need to spend time out of class if more information is needed.

FRIDAY – Africa Quiz 4 today. make up on Monday if you were absent.

Next week will be the culminating exams on both the country names and the physical geography of Africa. It wouldn’t hurt to start studying now. Africa Physical Geography Study Guide.

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