Week of January 19th

MONDAY – No School – MLK Day

TUESDAY – FRIDAY: The focus this entire week is to complete the expository essay covering a topic in Europe. We spent two days the week before last preparing to choose a topic, and discussing the requirement to have at least two resources, one of which that needs to be a print resource (non-fiction book, encyclopedia, or an article from a periodical). Students spent five class periods last week researching and taking notes about his/her topic. The final task for the week was to prepare an outline of sorts for his/her paper using the student resource Expository-Writing-Ideas.

Students were informed this was going to be graded. Those who did not turn this in must do so before they begin composing their essay.

TUESDAY – Introduced the scoring guide for the essay – Expository Scoring Rubric. Began composing body paragraphs if outline was complete.

WEDNESDAY – Handed out Connecting Words resource. Reminder of timeline for essay; final drafts are due on Friday.

THURSDAY – Today we are backing up and reteaching what the elements of a paragraph with a topic sentence might look like. Students will work together to identify main ideas of paragraphs in a sample essay, identify supporting details that don’t belong, and then identify sentences in the introductory paragraph that indicate what the essay will be about.

Since we are taking most of a class period to do this, the due date for the Europe expository essay is extended to Tuesday, January 27th. However, the class set of Chrome-book computers that we checked out for four days of research last week and four days of writing this week will not be available to us on Tuesday. We have enough computers available in class that students will be able to get on the computer for at least 25 minutes to put final finishing touches on the 3 to 5 body paragraphs with an introduction and a conclusion or compose the bibliography if needed.

REMINDER – Students should be studying for a Europe countries location test to be taken on Thursday, January 29th.

FRIDAY – Mini-lessons were given today on formatting the expository paper and formatting the bibliography page. (Name and period top right corner, centered title is optional, paragraphs double spaced with first line indented; bibliography should be the final page, and entries should be in alphabetical order.)

Students had an opportunity for peer editing also.

Students were given more time to work on the essays that are due on Tuesday, January 27th.


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