Week of November 3rd

MONDAY – Today we “wrapped-up” presentations for the 50 States. If you have not yet given your presentation, it will be entered in the grade book as a zero until you MAKE AN APPOINTMENT with Mr. D to give the presentation to your “personal audience” during lunch time or during academic lab.

We also created flash cards for studying place names and locations for countries in Latin America. These are required. Additionally, you can use the links on the Geography Links page to help you learn the country names as well.

Use the resources below to create your flash cards if you were absent

Latin America blank map
Middle America blank map

If you want to retake the Latitude / Longitude test, you MUST ATTEND THE STUDY SESSIONS this Wednesday and Thursday for the first 20 minutes of each lunch.

TUESDAY – We had a quick quiz of random countries in Latin America. It’s pretty evident we need to study more. See the link on the Geography Links page to practice, or use your flash cards we created in class.

WEDNESDAY – We had a quick quiz of random countries in Latin America. Same results as yesterday. Study!

We started researching for our Latin American projects.

Latin America Project Ideas

We will use three class days to get the information. You must take notes on the sheet provided – NO COPY AND PASTE NOTES! Use the five W’s form linked here to organize your information on. 5ws


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