The week of September 8th – 12th

MONDAY – We participated in a collaborative activity to share our current knowledge of Essential Geography Vocabulary. Then we used resources in the classroom (textbook, dictionary, or internet) to find meanings for those we did not collectively know. It is not homework – we will finish it up on Tuesday before we work on a group presentation project.

TUESDAY – Finished up the definitions for the Essential Geography Vocabulary. If you didn’t finish, use this link to copy the working definitions. Essential Geography Vocabualry W.definitions   DUE DATE!! Your written copy of these definitions is DUE FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 12TH!!

We also started preparing a very short presentation to be given on Thursday, September 11th.

WEDNESDAY – Students had time today to work on the visual aid for their presentations on Thursday. what they do not finish in class today IS HOMEWORK!

THURSDAY – Students gave their presentations today. If a student was absent or unprepared to deliver today, they will need to see Mr.D before school or during lunch to make an appointment to deliver the presentation during Academic Lab.

As with ALL graded assignments for this class, a student may also make arrangements to REDO the assignment for a better grade. They just need to see Mr. D before school or during lunch to arrange it.

FRIDAY – Video today – National Geographic: Amazing Planet, part 1. If absent the video can be viewed if you have a Netflix account. without an account the only way to see the video is to make arrangements with Mr. D to view it during a lunch hour.

The Learning Target for the day: describe plate tectonics and how the process affects our planet.

The notes template provided was 2 column notes Amazing Planet Part 1


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