The week of September 2nd – 5th

TUESDAY – A great first day of school! 6th grade Green Team students have a policies and procedures letter to have signed by a parent and returned to their 1st period teacher. Thanks!

WEDNESDAY – Be sure to get your policies sheet turned in if you haven’t yet. We took a World Map pre-test today. You need to make this up if you were absent – See Mr. D

THURSDAY – We took a pre-test for Geography concepts and terminology. You need to make this up if you were absent – See Mr. D. The class started a game called Balderdash! If you didn’t complete your definitions for 2 of the vocabulary words  YOU MUST DO THIS FOR HOMEWORK!

  • Academic Lab – Don’t forget to complete your homeroom quiz using your student handbook and get a parent signature.
  • Bonus – Any student who checks this blog tonight and gives me the secret code words on a slip of paper on Friday gets a treat or a front of the lunch line pass. Secret code words = ******** ********’

FRIDAY – We finished the Balderdash! activity. We started the Essential Geography Vocabulary. This activity will be completed on Monday. Students will then research the meaning of the words that they are not able to determine after a collaboration exercise. Working definitions can be found in the Geography text, a dictionary, or online (the more simple the better). GO DUCKS!!!!!

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