Grading policies for trimester three will be significantly changed from the first two trimesters. You will notice significantly fewer grades each week as the assessment will follow a proficiency model.

All lessons and activities during the week will be designed to reach specific learning targets that will be published and posted on the calendar at the beginning of the week. Formative assessment, or feedback to the student, will occur regularly during the week but will not carry a grade with it. IMPORTANT – if a student does not hand in an activity on time, barring absence or illness, the formative feedback is forfeited.

A summative, or final, assessment will be given at the end of the week. The performance on that assessment will determine the student’s score and subsequently their grade. Students will have the opportunity to earn an alternative grade by turning in ALL of the activities assigned during the week. If a student is absent on the day of the assessment they will be expected to make up that assessment during their lunch hour OR turn in the activities to earn the alternative grade.

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