Minitistry of Tourism

As representatives from the Office of the Ministry of Tourism, your task for our next unit of study is to create a brochure that promotes the qualities of your country. Our focus this time will not be solely on the tourist attractions that people like to visit in your country, but on other features as well. Click here for a list of things to include in your travel brochure (you are not required to squeeze ALL of them into the brochure).

Below are some links to help you get started in your research. Take good notes with main ideas only. Do not copy what you read word for word. (see the Assignment Calendar to print a copy of the note taking sheet)

Cultural Profiles Project – Provides good information for some -not all – countries
– Provides multiple links that may be helpful
Culture of South America
– Has links to several countries
World Heritage Sites
– in Latin America
PlanetWare – Information related to tourism
Kwintessential – a guide to etiquette and manners in your country (does not include all countries)
Flag of the World
Caribben Islands – information specific to the Caribbean Islands

Every Culture.Com

Since most offices have more than one employee, it makes sense for you to divide the work amongst  teams of 2 to 3 on this unit. Once you have gathered the information for your country you will produce a travel brochure. All team members must contribute an equal share of work to the brochure. More instructions to come later.

  • Learning Objectives – Regarding knowledge of¬† a Latin American country – SWBAT:
  • Describe a variety of characteristics and/or attractions.
    Identify the primary sphere of colonial influence.
    Describe the physical landscape and climate.
    Research the internet or other sources for information regarding said country
    Record their notes in a way that does not reflect word for word transfer of information
    Create a brochure style pamphlet containing pictures and text to communicate their findings

Other Learning Objective – SWBAT

  • Identify the name and location of all Latin American countries (Lesser Antilles not included)
    Create an accurate absolute location map of Latin America using a latitude and longitude grid drawing system
    Identify name and location of the major landforms of North and South America.

Study Aids

Sheppard Software – Several levels of geography games related to South and Central America

I Like to Learn – South and Central America Quiz

I Like to Learn – North, Central, and the Greater Antilles

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