Week of June 5th to June 9th

MONDAY – No quiz this week. However, you will take your last full world map test this week – AND IT COUNTS ON YOUR FINAL GRADE!

Socratic Seminar preparation – we will conduct our last Socratic seminar on Wednesday of this week. The topic of discussion will be cannibalism. Use these links below to prepare. The required assignment has been pushed out on Google Classroom.

Three Types of Cannibalism – Read and discuss with your group to put these thoughts into “6th grade words.”

Mmmm, Brains: Everything You Wanted to Know About Cannibalism But Were Afraid to Ask

The Truth About Cannibalism – (abridged version)

The Era of Settlement (SKIP TO THE SECTION about Neolithic Society)

Cannibalism: Normal for Early Humans?

An Eye for an Eye: Cannibalism in the South Pacific

Pacific Islands Report: The Sacred Value Of Cannibalism In Fiji

The Donner Party – History.com

History of Medicinal Cannibalism

Week of May 30 to June 2


TUESDAY – The geography quiz this week is the countries of the Middle East.

Middle East Quiz Game

Our learning focus this week is land navigation and how to use a compass. The links below may help students go more in depth or refresh their memories.

Magnetic North vs. True North or Geographic North

Magnetic Declination

Compass 101 – How to use a compass This is a YouTube video. Students will not be able to watch this at school.

How to use a compass


Week of May 22nd

FRIDAY – Asia Quiz #3 – Central Asia: Go to Google Classroom to take the quiz.

Click here if you want to  attempt to exempt.

Wayfinders – A Pacific Odyssey documentary video.


MONDAY – Warm up: Central Asia and Russia (use the region named Former USSR). Quiz this Friday!

Asia Quiz Games

Today we will continue work on our Polynesian Culture unit. See the post below for instructions.

We experienced some “glitches” last week when trying a new platform for presentations. If all the members of your group ARE ABLE to access Prezi Next, then you can use that platform for your presentations. If all members ARE NOT ABLE to access this software and collaborate on a presentation, then you must use Google Slides. Sorry….it’s just the way it is.


Week of May 15th

FRIDAY – Today we downloaded and explored software that will aid in our presentations next week.

You will need to load Prezi. There are a few steps to verify and begin to use Prezi.

  1. Click on free version
  2. Enter you student email and click Verify.
  3. Enter the school details – (Scenic Middle School – Central Point – www.district6.org/sms/)
  4. Check the box at the bottom confirming you are at this school
  5. Close the educational licence registration box
  6. Open a new tab and go to your school email
  7. When you receive an email from Prezi, click on the verification LINK they send you.


WEDNESDAY – Warm up – East Asia and South Asia quizzes. QUIZ THIS FRIDAY!!

Today we are launching a new project – The Oceania Research Project. Students will work in groups of 3 to 4 to share the research, writing, and presentation responsibilities. The project connects the curriculum of English Language Arts and Social Studies as students are currently reading the novel Call it Courage, which is set in the Polynesian islands of the South Pacific. Groups will have a total of six school days to complete the project. Presentations will be on Thursday, May 25th.

Research Links


The Pacific Islands

The Pacific Ocean and Its Islands

Encyclopedia Britannica – The Pacific Islands

Polynesian Culture (general)

Encyclopedia Britannica – Polynesian Culture

Polynesian Mythology

Polynesian Mythology

Maori Myths, Legends and Contemporary Stories

Polynesian Tattoo Art

PBS Site on Polynesian Tattoo

Polynesian Tattoo History

Zealand Tattoo

History of Polynesian Tattoo


PBS Site on Wayfinding – VERY good site.

On Wayfinding – Nainoa Thompson

The Era of Settlement


The Truth About Cannibalism – (abridged version)

The Era of Settlement (SKIP TO THE SECTION about Neolithic Society)

Cannibalism: Normal for Early Humans?

An Eye for an Eye: Cannibalism in the South Pacific

Pacific Islands Report: The Sacred Value Of Cannibalism In Fiji

Week of May 8th

TUESDAY – Warm-up: Southeast Asia

Finish up Venn diagrams in order to start a Comparative Essay tomorrow. If the Venn is not completed today IT IS HOMEWORK.

MONDAY – We begin a new quiz series this week. The first region students should practice for daily warm-up is Southeast Asia.

This week’s learning target is “…compare and contrast the world’s five major religions.”

Step One: Prepare two Venn diagrams. The first one is a two way Venn featuring the religions of Hinduism and Buddhism; the second is a three way Venn featuring Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

If you missed class, watch this compare and contrast video to better understand the concept of compare and contrast. The Venn diagrams will serve as a pre-write exercise for your compare and contrast essay.



Week of April 24th

MONDAY – THURSDAY: Mr. D is out of the classroom these four days, so there will not be daily updates to the class blog.

Europe Quiz series: this week’s Friday quiz will be on Southeastern Europe. Students will have 7-10 minutes a day at the beginning of class to practice for the quiz. Click here for Europe Quiz Series.

Governments of the World flip book: this is your #1 priority this week. The final product is due on Thursday. Directions are posted in GC.

Governments and Economies final exam is on Friday!! Once you finish with your flip book you can make “cheat notes” for the test. Directions are posted on GC. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS CLOSELY OR YOU MAY NOT GET TO KEEP YOUR NOTES DURING THE TEST!!!!!

Have a great week!! See you on Friday. BE GOOD TO THE SUB 🙂


Week of April 17

WEDNESDAY – Warm-up: study the countries of Eastern Europe. QUIZ ON THURSDAY!!

Activity 1: Read the article “Super Bowl 2014: What drives the price of Super Bowl tickets?,” and then fill in the graphic organizer posted in GC.

Activity 2: Earn bonus points by describing how supply and demand affects the price of tickets to San Francisco Giants’ baseball games


TUESDAY – Warm-up: study the countries of Eastern Europe. QUIZ ON THURSDAY!!

Review: Types of Government and Sectors of the Economy

Activity 1: Debrief yesterday’s classroom activity – What’s a Supply For?

Activity 2: The Hudsucker Proxy – this short video clip illustrates part of the law of supply and demand. Your task is to explain which part. Question posted in GC.

Activity 3: Follow up video clip to Hudsucker Proxy – EconPop – The Economics of The Hudsucker Proxy explains supply and demand and how it relates to labor as well. Follow up question posted in GC.



MONDAY – Warm-up: study the countries of Eastern Europe. QUIZ ON THURSDAY!!

We began today with a review of types of governments – communism, fascism, and socialism. This was followed by a discussion that these are really economic systems that have become synonymous as types of governments. This served as a segue into this week’s focus of study….

LEARNING TARGET: I can explain a basic principal Capitalism, or a free market economy – the law of (to be announced later).

Activity 1: Quick write – After viewing the sales posted for winter apparel on the Columbia Sportswear site, answer the following question in GC. Why do the retailers choose to give drastic markdowns to the consumer on selected clothing only?

Activity 2: What’s a Supply For? This activity is linked on GC. If it is not finished during class it is homework.











Week of April 10

TUESDAY – Today we used the data collected regarding jobs in our community and placed them into sectors of the economy (see yesterday). We then pulled six jobs off the board to be re-positioned in a different sector. The students worked in groups to fill in a graphic organizer. The most important element of the assignment is that they show their reasoning and/or rationale for placing it as they did (there are many jobs that cross over sectors).



MONDAY – last week the focus was on governments of the world. This week we will focus on types of economies. The handouts and assignments are posted in GC. Homework tonight will be to interview adults about the jobs they have.

THIS WEDNESDAY, there will be a quiz on Southern and Central Europe. Click on this link to practice. Europe Quiz Series.



Week of April 3rd

THURSDAY – We finished our notes on types of government in the world.

Students also have an opportunity for extra credit. There is three questions posed on GC. Use the following link to answer them – Political Systems in the 20th Century


WEDNESDAY – We watched the rest of the video that we began yesterday. Get the notes from a classmate or Mr. D if you missed it.

All students have an opportunity to exempt themselves from all the Europe weekly quizzes and final exam if he/she can score 100% on a Europe test Friday morning – IN ONE TRY.

TUESDAY – Today we began our study of World Governments. This unit is a brief overview of the types of governments around the world with a brief explanation of the key traits, advantages and disadvantages of each. The notes sheet is posted on the GC stream.

Don’t forget the quiz this Friday on the names and locations of the Nordic countries and Western Europe.

MONDAY – Welcome Back! Our next series of quizzes and a final exam will cover the names and locations of countries in Europe.

Warm up – Europe Quiz Series . This Friday’s quiz will be over the Nordic countries and Western Europe.

Today we took an interim assessment for the essential geography vocabulary. We will take this test one more time this year.

Week of March 6th

MONDAY – We conducted a simulation in class today. A small percentage of students were selected as the “Europeans” who would exploit the land and the people of Africa. Another group of students were passive natives thriving in the cattle culture tribes of the Nuer and Dinka. Lastly, a large group of Congolese were “forced” into slave labor (they sorted Jolly Ranchers). All of this to help students understand the European Imperialism that occurred in the late 1800’s in Africa. Nothing to make up.

We do have the Africa Final Exam this week. Students should be studying if they do not know the names and locations of ALL the contiguous countries of Africa (and Madagascar)


Step 1: Go to the Chrome Web Store and download the Chrome Extension – Keep

Step 2: Open your Socratic Seminar Preparation page in Google Classroom

Step 3: Find evidence to support your statements during Socratic Seminar on Thursday

Step 4: IF YOU WERE ABSENT….. You should watch the review video posted in Imperialism Review

You are looking for the motivations, justifications and technology advances behind the Europeans’ Imperialist policies in Africa. The graphic organizer for taking notes has been streamed in Google Classroom.

Then you should listen to the podcast from Episode 3: the Scramble for Africa (linked below).

Links for finding evidence:

Episode 3: The Scramble for Africa
Read Articles #4 and #6 in European Imperialism in Africa: DBQ
Life During Imperialism
Brief Description of the Berlin Conference
“Guns, Germs and Steel”: Jared Diamond on Geography as Power (skip forward to the second page and the paragraphs focused on Africa)
Long Run Effects of Scramble for Africa

WEDNESDAY – We have a change in schedule this week. The Africa Final Exam will be on Thursday and the Socratic Seminar will be on Friday.