Permission Slips

Here are a variety of downloadable forms and activity permission slips:

2018 Coast Trip Permissions Slip
2018 Coast Trip Permission Slip – Espanol
2018 Coast Trip Volunteer Form
2018 Coast Trip Packing List
2018 Coast Trip Itinerary
2018 Tidepool Research Project
Crater Lake Permission Slip–Fall 2014
2014 Sams Valley Mini-Marathon registration form
Chaperone/Volunteer Background Check forms
Chaperone/Volunteer Background Check forms in Spanish (coming soon)
2015 Lava Beds Field Trip permission slip in English
2015 Lava Beds permission slip in Spanish
Adopt a Street permissions (school notice and city liability)
Assignment Calendar blank
Baby Picture Program info
2014 Tree Plant permission slip
Tree Plant liability release
Planta de arbol en Espanol
Table Rock Hike Permission slip

2 thoughts on “Permission Slips

  1. How about going to the Crater Rock Museum, every second Saturday of every month. Children are Free Contact Karen Rogers at or call 541-664-6081 The kids can dig in the rock yard. All kids of things to see too..

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