Back-to-School Night

Back-to-School Night is scheduled for Thursday, September 15th, with three 25 minute sessions beginning at 6:00 p.m. Here’s a quick glimpse at what we’ll be discussing:

Early departures & the intercom

Fall is goal setting
Spring is exhibition
Report cards will be sent home in December and March
Report card and standardized testing are being de-emphasized in D6

Communication via email, Daily Platypus, and Assignment Calendar
Work via Google Classroom (parents will need to “join”)
Eventually there’ll be no need for a binder or papers going home
Computer lab will be open (by referral) until 3:15 except for Wednesdays

Emphasis on the “Three R’s” along with History, Science, and Art
The three most significant skills
History journals (history can be controversial; journals open to parents)
Purpose-based activities
“Soft skills” such as communication, empathy, cooperation, persistence, critical thinking
As opposed to “knowledge” (which is all at our finger tips)
I want kids to run the class

Journals are private except for parents
Topics are innocuous: “If I Were President I would…”
Mostly just memories and reflections about something that happened in school that week
Please take a sticky note, write something encouraging, and leave it in your child’s journal

Field Trips
I try to get dates on the Platy as soon as I know them
You must have an up-to-date Volunteer app on file to be a chaperone
On some trips chaperones are limited; on others not so much
Always in need of parent volunteers in class; class is open to parents anytime

Community Service
The Nepal Project
Adopt-a-Street Program

Everything is on the webpage
Homework every M-Th; weekends for catch-up
Short math review of what we did in class that day
Twenty minutes or more of reading (see graph)
Limit video gaming

One of only a few schools that provides required 150 minutes a week (see MMT story)
Inclimate weather (cold, rain, smog)
Notes from home

Before your leave
Make sure I have your email address so I can invite you to join Google Classroom
Leave a positive note inside your child’s journal
Introduce yourself