Back-to-School Night

Back-to-School Night is scheduled for Thursday, September 14th from 6:00 to 7:10 p.m. This year students are leading their families through the room to introduce specific elements. However, here are some other important tidbits:

Early departures & the intercom: when students leave school early they miss important classroom activities. Also, their departure often necessitates an intercom call from the office, which disrupts the entire class. Instead, we encourage families to wait until after school to schedule appointments so that kids don’t miss class time. If an early departure is unavoidable, we ask that you send a note indicating a specific time student is to meet you in the office so we can minimize interruptions.

Fall is goal setting. These conferences are scheduled for October 25-27. Sign-ups will be posted under the “Conferences” tab soon.
Spring is Exhibition, which is scheduled for Friday evening, April 27th.
Report cards will be sent home in December and March

I like to communicate via email, our webpage (The Daily Platypus), and via the assignment calendar students carry in their homework folder.

Emphasis on the “Three R’s” along with History, Science, and Art
The three most significant skills
History journals (history can be controversial; journals open to parents)
Purpose-based activities
“Soft skills” such as communication, empathy, cooperation, persistence, critical thinking
As opposed to “knowledge” (which is all at our finger tips via technology)
I want kids to run the class

Journals are private except for parents
Topics are innocuous: “If I Were President I would…”
Mostly just memories and reflections about something that happened in school that week.
Stop by the classroom occasionally. Take a sticky note, write something encouraging, and leave it in your child’s journal.

Field Trips
I try to get dates on the Platy as soon as I know them
You must have an up-to-date Volunteer app on file to be a chaperone
On some trips chaperones are limited; on others not so much
Always in need of parent volunteers in class; class is open to parents anytime

Community Service
The Nepal Project
Adopt-a-Street Program

Everything is on the webpage
Homework every M-Th; weekends for catch-up
Short math review of what we did in class that day
Twenty minutes or more of reading
Limit video gaming


CPE is one of only a few schools that provides the required 150 minutes a week of physical fitness.
We don’t run during inclimate weather (cold, rain, smog).
Notes or calls from home are required for students to miss Fitness or PE.