CPETV Episode 11

In this episode, our team of 5th grade movie producers (the Orange Group) show us CPE’s Sewing Club and some nifty facts and hacks. They also prove that teachers are people too, and teach us how to blow up a balloon using a simple chemical reaction.

CPETV Episode 10

Here’s the Yellow Group’s show. In this episode Ella, Tyson, Victoria, and Taylor show viewers the Jalapeno Challenge, our fitness program, and the kinders performing The Littlest Christmas Tree. The also demonstrate how to make fluffy slime while explaining polymers and non-Newtonian fluids. The episode was entirely written, directed, edited, and produced by these four 5th graders.

CPETV Episode 9

Room 15 kids completed their extremely challenging Exhibition projects–eight new episodes of CPETV entirely written, directed, edited, and produced by 5th graders. Here’s the Pink Group’s show. Enjoy!

Students of the Month and More

Congrats to Room 15 Students-of-the-Month for April: Emilee B. for being constantly enthusiastic and creative. Her classmates love her for her commitment to creating and directing plays; Lydia T. for being a class leader and for being consistently good-natured. Rare is the moment when Lydia doesn’t have a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye’ and Trevor R. for being a true gentleman. Every adult who meets Trevor is impressed by the way he carries himself, his mature manner, and the way he looks you directly in the eyes. His classmate appreciate him for being consistently kind and empathetic. Although we’re not having an awards assembly during April (due to Exhibition), we are immensely proud of these three students.

Additional congrats to our new Room1 5 employees. While there were numerous excellent candidates, we’ve decided to offer the positions to the following individuals: Zoie M.–lead custodian; Victoria T.–attendance monitor; Lydia T. — distributor; Emma H.–lap count manager; and Ella H. and Taylor R.–teacher’s assistants. Candidates who weren’t selected are encouraged to re-apply for one of the remaining openings: assistant custodian and distributor #2.

Exhibition is this Friday at 5:30. Room 15 film makers are encouraged to dress up and arrive early. More info will be shared over the course of the week.

Hockey Champions!

Congrats to The Jaw Breakers, CPE’s Floor Hockey Champions for 2018. They beat The Savage Kids from Mrs. Torrey’s class 6-1. The Jaw Breakers included Tyson, Jorden, Eric T., Braydee, Cellar, Trevor, Dakota, Brooklynn, Hannah V., Emilee B., Mia, Marissa, Daisy, Emma, Jacky, Jocelyn, and Taylor. The tournament also included the student-vs-staff game, which the teachers won (as usual…sorry, 5th graders), but the kids demonstrated great sportsmanship throughout. Speaking of sportsmanship, Mr. Hadley’s class and Mrs. Qualls’ class tied for the most vote for Best Sportsmanship. The Rubber Duckies from Mr. Hadley’s class won the Best Banner award. The Hockey Nightmares from Mrs. Quall’s class won the Best Team Name award. Great job to all the 4th and 5th graders!

Hockey Championship

On Tuesday, the Jaw Breakers from our class will be playing the Savage Kids from Mrs. Torrey’s class in the school’s annual Sportsmanship Floor Hockey Championship. The game is scheduled for 12:45 in the gym. Immediately following will be the Student-vs-Staff game in which the 5th graders hopelessly try to out-slap-shot the teachers. Parents are invited to attend all of it. We’ll also be awarding the Sportsmanship Trophy to the class that demonstrated the best sportsmanship during the tourney, as well as awards for best team name and best banner.

Students-of-the-Month and More

Congrats to our students-of-the-month Sterling C. and Eliza C. Sterling has consistently been among the hardest working and most positive students in the class since Day 1. She’s earned SOTM honors for never giving up and always approaching her schooling with enthusiasm. Eliza has quietly soared to the top of the class. Her citizenship has always been excellent and now her grades are too. Great job Eliza and Sterling. We are proud of you!

The school’s floor hockey tourney starts this week with an assembly on Monday at 12:45. Our teams plays on Tuesday at 11:30. Good luck Room 15 kids!

Finally, we have a teacher-in-training in our classroom. Breanna Hawkins is in the final stretch of getting her degree in education and teaching credential through Southern Oregon University. She’ll gradually assume more and more of the classroom instruction as the year continues, so no doubt you’ll be hearing a lot about Mrs. Hawkins.

More Awards & Acknowledgments

Congratulations to Taylor R. and Jocelyn S., Students-of-the-Month for January. Our February awards will be handed out on Friday, February 23rd. Also congrats to the Rattlesticks, Nathan W., Lydia T., Eliza C., Hannah H., and Dakota M., the Room 15 Classroom Hockey Tourney Champions. The Rattlesticks, who ended up 5-0 on the season, narrowly beat the Bobbys in overtime. Our school tourney begins next Monday, February 26th.