Baby Pictures

It’s time to send in those baby pictures for our annual Year-in-Review and 5th Grade Baby Picture Program. Select a photo of your 5th grader from when he or she was an infant (between 9 months and 3 years are most popular; close ups with vibrant colors work best). Use a sticky note to put the child’s first and last name on the back. Drop it by the school or have your child deliver it to Mr. Lewis. We’ll be making digital scans of each photo and then returning them on the day of the show in June. If you’d prefer, you can scan the photo yourself and simply e-mail it to We’d like to have all photos in by Spring Break at the end of March. For more info click here, but if you have any questions, e-mail Mr. Lewis at

This Week’s Super Sentences

Here are this week’s Super Sentences. Students were asked to construct a sentence containing dialogue with the speaker at the beginning. The topics included pokey pineapple, friendship, and a a third I don’t recall now. To pass, students had to be able to correctly use quotation marks, include commas to separate the speaker from the dialogue and to separate the setting from the speaker. They also had to demonstrate a reasonable command of capitals, end marks, and spelling. Click on “Replies” below to view the sentences.

Scenic Honor Roll

Congrats! to all these former Room 15 kids who made the first trimester Honor Roll at Scenic: Allie B., Stephanie C., Kenna D., Zoie E., Olivia F., Abigail F., Yuri G., Lakenya J., Alyssa K., Sophie Q., Lilli R., Amareni S., Amelia T., Mya B., Josiah B., Simon C., Jonathan E., Rayden G., Ryder H., Jonathan J., Natalie K., Peyton K., Symphony K., Sidney L., Rose W., Kalli B., Kaitlyn H., Elizabeth H., Olivia K., Elizabeth L., Kendra R., Dylan S., Tyler B., Kyrah C., Hunter C., Gracie G., Jordan L., and Samantha P.  I’m immensely proud of all of you! Keep up the great work!

Sams Valley Mini Marathon 2016

2016-sve-marathon-1600x1126Congrats to the 700 kids who proved there’s a healthy alternative to candy this Halloween by participating in the the Sams Valley Mini Marathon! Fantastic job! We saw kids overcome stomach cramps and skinned knees to gut it out and finish strong. The 5,000 meter (3.1 mile) race was started in 1974 and is part of the fitness program for all of D6’s 4th and 5th graders. Kudos to first place finishers Josiah Tostenson from Jewett 2016-10-31-2016-10-31-001-121Elementary (Boys, 19:29) and Reese Bautista from Richardson (Girls, 22:41). Applause also for CPE’s top finishers, Bennett Palodichuk (2nd), Ethan Johnson (6th), Cody Dutkiewicz (11th), Alexis Silva (12th), and Tyson Chubb (14th), and among the ladies, Ella Heppner (3rd) and Lindsay Siebert (6th). Way to live up to this year’s theme by showing grit and determination!  Thanks also to all our sponsors including Ravassipour Orthodontics, Storage Emporium, Lori Magel Homes, Eagle Home Mortgage, Rogue Meats, Ashland Greenhouses, Elias Hearing & Speech, Sweed, Rainey’s Corner, Goodlett Automotive, Expert Pressure Wash & Supply, and John Warekois CPA, as well as to our local PTOs and school District 6. UPDATE: to see a video of the start of the race, click here.

CPETV & Student Council

Congrats to Maya and Kaden for being selected to be the hosts of CPETV Episode 8. Several other students showed promise during tryouts and will be considered for future episodes. Congrats also to Alexis and Kim for being selected by their classmates to serve on the CPE Student Council. Should either of them be unable to fulfill the requirements of the position, including maintaining good grades, excellent citizenship, and consistently good attendance, Abby S. will serve as alternate. Kudos to all the students who tried out for CPETV, and to all the students who ran for Student Council. It takes a strong person to try!

Room 15 Update for Oct. 16

It may be wet right now, but it’s supposed to dry up on Tuesday–just in time for our first Adopt-a-Street Clean-up of the year. Room 15 kids will be donning the orange vests and blue gloves to clean-up Hopkins Street. It’s part of our community service commitment to the City of Central Point and a great way to teach kids to appreciate and care for the neighborhoods in which they live. And, believe it or not, it’s a fun trip…kind of like an Easter egg hunt. Parents are encouraged to join us. We’ll be heading out around 8:45 a.m. in Tuesday morning, October 18th.2016-svmm

Congrats to our 700 Club Members for October. These students all read and recorded on the assignment calendars 700 or more minutes of homework reading during the first five weeks of the year: Jimmy, Jonathan, Jacob, Kira, Skylar, and Abby S.  They’ll be receiving a special reward in class this week.

The CPE Halloween Carnival is scheduled for this Saturday, October 22nd. Room 15 kids will be volunteering to run our booth, which means they’ll need a parent to supervise. Kids will be pleading their case at home over the next couple of days.

The Sams Valley Mini Marathon is scheduled for Halloween. If you’ve never been to one, this is the year you should attend. Over 750 fourth and fifth graders representing all five of District 6’s elementary schools will be charging up the hill and into the Sams Valley countryside. It’s a 5,000 meter walk/run designed to encourage physical fitness on the biggest “candy day” of the year. The race starts at 9:30. (Arrive early for better parking.) Thanks to the generosity of community sponsors, this year’s event is free of charge. CPE’s sponsor is Storage Emporium.

Goal-setting conferences are scheduled for Oct. 26th and 27th. This is an important opportunity to assess how your child is doing and what we can do to help him or her succeed. Please click on the “Fall Conferences” tab above to schedule and to verify your agreed-upon time. Thanks!