Mr. Lewis’ 5th Graders have been working over time planning, writing, filming, editing, and producing their own episodes of CPETV.

CPETV is Central Point Elementary’s online television program that depicts “what it’s like inside and outside an American Public School.” We produced our first episode in 2012 and since then have produced a total of eight. That’s less than two per year! But wait! Although those original episodes show kids hosting the show and interacting in the segments, the bulk of the work was done by me, Mr. Lewis. This year’s episode–eight of them in all–are 100% student-produced, from planning the content and writing the scripts, to shooting the video and editing the cuts. It has been a monstrous project–the most challenging thing I’ve ever undertaken as an educator. Each small group of four students has invested hundreds and hundreds of hours, taking hours of “film” to produce just one 15 minute episode.

The episodes are patterned after Oregon Public Broadcasting’s “Oregon Field Guide.” Each episode includes three or four “segments” about aspects of and activities in and around our school. And we’d like to invite you to the WORLD PREMIER!

Please join us in the Music Room on Exhibition Night
April 27th from 5:30-7:30

Room 15 kids will be premiering their episodes and discussing the challenges and rewards of being filmmakers and television producers.