Honors & Awards

Congrats to Room 15 Students-of-the-Month for May, Mia T. and Hannah V. These girls are awesome! They’re exceptionally well-behaved, intelligent, and kind. Great job, ladies!  Additional congrats to Daisy R., Taylor R., and Zoie M. for getting accepted into Southern Oregon University’s Academy program. They’ll spend a week at SOU this summer. Finally, kudos to all my former students who received recognition at Scenic Honors Night including Rayden G., Alyssa K., Amelia T., and Sydney L. (pictured at left).

Hockey Champions!

Congrats to The Jaw Breakers, CPE’s Floor Hockey Champions for 2018. They beat The Savage Kids from Mrs. Torrey’s class 6-1. The Jaw Breakers included Tyson, Jorden, Eric T., Braydee, Cellar, Trevor, Dakota, Brooklynn, Hannah V., Emilee B., Mia, Marissa, Daisy, Emma, Jacky, Jocelyn, and Taylor. The tournament also included the student-vs-staff game, which the teachers won (as usual…sorry, 5th graders), but the kids demonstrated great sportsmanship throughout. Speaking of sportsmanship, Mr. Hadley’s class and Mrs. Qualls’ class tied for the most vote for Best Sportsmanship. The Rubber Duckies from Mr. Hadley’s class won the Best Banner award. The Hockey Nightmares from Mrs. Quall’s class won the Best Team Name award. Great job to all the 4th and 5th graders!

Hockey Championship

On Tuesday, the Jaw Breakers from our class will be playing the Savage Kids from Mrs. Torrey’s class in the school’s annual Sportsmanship Floor Hockey Championship. The game is scheduled for 12:45 in the gym. Immediately following will be the Student-vs-Staff game in which the 5th graders hopelessly try to out-slap-shot the teachers. Parents are invited to attend all of it. We’ll also be awarding the Sportsmanship Trophy to the class that demonstrated the best sportsmanship during the tourney, as well as awards for best team name and best banner.

Students-of-the-Month and More

Congrats to our students-of-the-month Sterling C. and Eliza C. Sterling has consistently been among the hardest working and most positive students in the class since Day 1. She’s earned SOTM honors for never giving up and always approaching her schooling with enthusiasm. Eliza has quietly soared to the top of the class. Her citizenship has always been excellent and now her grades are too. Great job Eliza and Sterling. We are proud of you!

The school’s floor hockey tourney starts this week with an assembly on Monday at 12:45. Our teams plays on Tuesday at 11:30. Good luck Room 15 kids!

Finally, we have a teacher-in-training in our classroom. Breanna Hawkins is in the final stretch of getting her degree in education and teaching credential through Southern Oregon University. She’ll gradually assume more and more of the classroom instruction as the year continues, so no doubt you’ll be hearing a lot about Mrs. Hawkins.

More Awards & Acknowledgments

Congratulations to Taylor R. and Jocelyn S., Students-of-the-Month for January. Our February awards will be handed out on Friday, February 23rd. Also congrats to the Rattlesticks, Nathan W., Lydia T., Eliza C., Hannah H., and Dakota M., the Room 15 Classroom Hockey Tourney Champions. The Rattlesticks, who ended up 5-0 on the season, narrowly beat the Bobbys in overtime. Our school tourney begins next Monday, February 26th.

Student Council Results

Our Room 15 kids did a FANTASTIC job with their election speeches. Nearly all the students demonstrated that they’d make great representatives. Unfortunately, we can only send two to the council. Those of you who didn’t get selected should take heart. You all did a great job!  Congrats to Emilee B. and Jocelyn S. on being voted in, and to Trevor R., who was selected as the alternate. Great job, kids!

Lava Beds Recap

CPE fifth graders braved the snow and wind to visit Lava Beds National Monument last Friday (Oct. 20th). As it turned out, the light dusting of snow at the monument itself made for a unique adventure. Click on the replies/comments below to read our students’ reflection on their trip.

Students of the Month

I have another wonderful class of fifth graders! I have a couple of pleasant and capable students new to our school (Dakota and Hannah). I have kids I’ve known since kindergarten–if not before (Emma and Ella). I have siblings of former students (Tyson, Trevor, Sylas, and others). And I have a whole bunch of other GREAT kids. This week I get to acknowledge two students as Students-of-the-Month. Congrats to Daisy R. and Eric T. These two kids are off to a fantastic start. In addition to being well-behaved and good citizens, they’re eager to participate and they’re producing excellent work. They’ve set a high standard for what it means to be Student-of-the-Month. Great job, Eric and Daisy!

At home kids should be working on their play scripts and preparing for math tests on decimal place value and telling time.
Don’t forget to book your fall conference by clicking on the Conferences tab.
Jog-a-Thon information went home on Friday. Kids are encouraged to start getting sponsors. The event itself is Oct. 12th.
Walk-and-Bike-to-School Day is this Wednesday, Oct. 4th. Kids can gather at Banner Bank on Pine Street or Van Horn Park on Freeman Road to join a convoy of kids, parents, and staff.
School Pictures are next week, Tuesday, Oct. 10th.
Our Lava Beds trip is coming up (Oct. 20th). If you’re interested in joining us, please let me know. Be sure you have a volunteer form on file in the office (if you’re not sure, email me).

This Week’s Super Sentences

Fifth grade students should be able to craft an error-free sentence, yet without practice they struggle with this basic skill. That’s where our Super Sentences program comes in. In addition to traditional writing and spelling activities, kids spend time writing and editing a single sentence per day. Late in the week they’re “tested” and then asked to revise and print their sentences on line. Here is our first attempt of the year.