Letter from Riva

Here are the latest letters (one to class, one to Maya and Kelsey), artwork, and report card from our lovely student in Nepal. Each year Room 15 kids collect small change in order to sponsor Riva’s education in Nepal. Last year’s kids went over and above, exceeding the $300 goal by twenty bucks. Can this year’s class equal that success? For more info about Riva and our sponsorship, click on the Nepal Project link at right.

Take note of Riva’s excellent report card. It says she was ranked fifth in her 5th grade class and she earned the highest level, “Distinction.” Her excellent report card also meant she graduated to a new form, which isn’t a guarantee in Nepal like it is here.

Coast Trip Pics

Examining sealife under the docks No, these aren’t dead bodies or sleeping people. We’re stretched out on the docks so that we can sea the amazing sea creatures below the surface. It was one of my favorite moments of the trip–a quiet respite with just a handful of kids. To see a bunch of great pics from the 2017 Oregon Coast Excursion, click on the picture at left, or go to the tab under “Special Events” marked “2017 Coast Trip.” Have fun!

Floor Hockey Success

One of the most exciting and engaging events of the school year is the annual Sportsmanship Floor Hockey Tourney. This year was especially enjoyable for Room 15 kids in that one of our two tourney teams, The Hockey Warriors, won the championship, beating the Pizza Sharks from Mrs. Torrey’s class, 3-2. While winning the tourney was great, the emphasis is clearly focused on sportsmanship. Before and after each game, we “debriefed” by talking about how we demonstrated good sportsmanship and what we saw from our opponents, both good and bad. Hopefully, our kids walk away from this tourney with a healthier attitude about sports and “winning.” Following the tourney, all the 4th and 5th graders cast votes for the classroom that demonstrated the best sportsmanship over the course of the tournament, and this year they selected our class. Congrats to all the Room 15 kids on winning the sportsmanship trophy. Great job!

Sams Valley Mini Marathon 2016

2016-sve-marathon-1600x1126Congrats to the 700 kids who proved there’s a healthy alternative to candy this Halloween by participating in the the Sams Valley Mini Marathon! Fantastic job! We saw kids overcome stomach cramps and skinned knees to gut it out and finish strong. The 5,000 meter (3.1 mile) race was started in 1974 and is part of the fitness program for all of D6’s 4th and 5th graders. Kudos to first place finishers Josiah Tostenson from Jewett 2016-10-31-2016-10-31-001-121Elementary (Boys, 19:29) and Reese Bautista from Richardson (Girls, 22:41). Applause also for CPE’s top finishers, Bennett Palodichuk (2nd), Ethan Johnson (6th), Cody Dutkiewicz (11th), Alexis Silva (12th), and Tyson Chubb (14th), and among the ladies, Ella Heppner (3rd) and Lindsay Siebert (6th). Way to live up to this year’s theme by showing grit and determination!  Thanks also to all our sponsors including Ravassipour Orthodontics, Storage Emporium, Lori Magel Homes, Eagle Home Mortgage, Rogue Meats, Ashland Greenhouses, Elias Hearing & Speech, Sweed, Rainey’s Corner, Goodlett Automotive, Expert Pressure Wash & Supply, and John Warekois CPA, as well as to our local PTOs and school District 6. UPDATE: to see a video of the start of the race, click here.

Lava Beds Trip is Sept 29th!

The Modoc Indians in the Lava BedsThe fourth and fifth grade classes will be taking an extended day field trip to the Lava Beds National Monument near Tule Lake, California (just south of the border from Klamath Falls) on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29th. Students will be exploring volcanic caves and learning about the history of the Modoc Indians. Your child will need to be at CPE at 7:30 a.m. The bus departs promptly at 7:50 a.m. We will return to CPE at 5:45 p.m. Students can be picked up at the back of the building on the corner of Ash and 2nd Streets. Please be prompt in picking up your child. If your child is going to ride home with someone else or will be walking home on his or her own, please notify me prior to the trip.


lava-tubeWhile we’re often able to find grant money to cover transportation expenses, we are not able to do so for this trip. Instead, students will each need to contribute $4 (to the front office by Wednesday the 28th). Note that the National Park Service waves its park entrance fee for us. Also, because field trip approval appears on CPE’s registration materials, there is no need to complete a permission slip. Instead, please notify me if you DON’T want your child attending. Thanks.


Students will need to bring the following items on the day of the trip:
sack lunch plus several healthy snacks for the bus ride both to and from
water bottle (water only, no carbonated drinks or sports drinks)
flashlight (with good batteries; test before the field trip, please)
• bicycle helmet for head protection in the caves (REQUIRED)
sturdy shoes such as tennis shoes or hikers (no sandals or open toed shoes due to the rough, sharp terrain)
warm clothes (dress in layers; long pants, gloves, hat) It’s 42 degrees inside the caves.


Electronic games, MP3 players, and cell phones will be allowed for use on the bus, and cell phones and cameras are welcome for taking photos throughout the trip. However, their care and security are each student’s responsibility.


If you would like to join us on this marvelous trip, please let me know right away. We need at least 6 adults to supervise small groups of students on the bus, while eating lunch, and during the exploration. Adults must be willing and able to enter the caves, stay with their group at all times, and enforce basic behavior expectations including cleaning up after lunch. We prefer that chaperones ride the bus, but we’ll work with you. Chaperones must have a volunteer app on file with the front office. If you wish to chaperone and haven’t filled out an app in the last two years, please do so right away, as it takes a week or longer to process.

This is a great trip with excellent learning opportunities! To get a taste, check out this short video from a previous excursion.

All Aboard the Coast Bus!

nudibranch_white.png.adapt.945.1.jpgWednesday morning promptly at 7 a.m. we’ll be loading up and heading out on our 5th Grade Ocean Adventure!  Kids took home their cargo lists and itinerary, and they’re busy in class presenting their tide pool research projects, which will make each of them an expert on a creature of the tidal zone. One of my favorite is the nudibranch. Think slug–just like those monsters you find munching on the hostas in your garden–but adorned in a fascinating array of shapes and colors. It is always a highlight to spot a nudibranch on the Oregon Coast. Be sure to send your kids with everything on the cargo list, including a sack lunch for Wednesday’s bus ride. As in previous years, we have one adult for every three kids going, so our students will be well-supervised. If you have any questions or concerns, e-mail me at mack.lewis@district6.org.

Science, Snowshoes, and Sledding

We're looking for sleds like these.Thank you to all who attended Exhibition and/or parent-teacher conferences. “Exhibition” was an experiment and is a work-in-progress, so we welcome feedback as to how it worked for you. We’re not personally or professionally vested in it so we’re 100% open to both your criticism and your compliments.

Students who didn’t attend will be receiving their report cards and work samples tomorrow (Monday). The report card consists of our A-F “Supplement” and progress report showing individual assignments.

Or these.On Monday, April 4th (a week from tomorrow) we’re off to Crater Lake for our annual snowshoe hike, science stations, and sled fest. This is another fantastic field trip. If you’d like to join us as a chaperone, please let me know ASAP. All you need to do is make sure you have a volunteer form on file with the school office and dress for the snow.  Student permission/info sheets will go home this week.

We also need sleds of the simple plastic or Styrofoam kind (no old fashioned ones with metal parts, please). If you have one you can loan us, please put your name on it and send it in this week. Thanks.

Have a great week.

Another Br’er Hit!

The Br’er Rabbit cast reprised their musical performance at the all-school assembly last Thursday and were once again a big hit. Though the video isn’t HD, its well worth watching. Be sure to pay attention to the marvelous dialects and subtle intonations that many of the actors deliver. And of course, the real magic is in the music.

Room 15 Update for Jan. 24

brer-rabbit-and-brer-fox-4Congrats to our History Jeopardy Champions: Jaden R., Jaden F., Braydan, Alyssa, McKenna, Vane, and Courtney. They finished Final Jeopardy with $11,200. The students subsequently took their 2nd Trimester History exam and hits a respectable class average of 70%.

Last week students tried out for parts in the Brer Rabbit musical, which is to be presented at Literacy Night in late February. After much consideration, the following were selected: Olivia: Auntie Remus; Peyton: April; Sophie Q.: June (Will); Sidney: Brer Rabbit; Jorden: Brer Wolf; Yuri: Brer Fox; Abigail: Brer Bear; LaKenya: Brer Mouse; Allie: Brer Dog; Kaysi: Brer Coon; Kara: Brer Mink; Hailee H.: Brer Polecat; Haylee B.: Miz Meadows. Kudos to all the kids who put themselves out there in an attempt to earn a part. Those who didn’t succeed will be asked to be understudies and members of the chorus. Students will be practicing at lunch, during our computer and library times, and possibly after-school. Students are expected to memorize their lines and assemble their own costume. More info to follow.

We start new Language Arts groups on Wednesday. While we’ll continue to work on vocabulary, reading, and basic writing, the emphasis during this quarter will be on significant writing projects in preparation for standardized-testing. We’ll also be sending home progress reports covering the last 9 weeks by Tuesday, February 2nd, of not sooner.

The classroom hockey tourney is underway. We generally have games on Monday and Thursday from 1:45 to 2:15, and parents are welcome to come watch. The CPE Sportsmanship Hockey Tourney is scheduled to start near the end of February. More on that to come.

This week we have an Adopt-a-Street Clean-up of Hopkins Street on Thursday at 12:45. We need chaperones for this event. If you’re able to attend, please let me know. It’s even more important that we have chaperones for our upcoming Tree Plant field trip on Thursday, February 4th. Students took home information about this event on Friday.




Lava Beds this Friday!

lava-tubeWe need reliable, energetic chaperones to join us on Friday’s field trip to Lava Beds National Monument! This trip is so great that students do it twice–both in 4th and 5th grade. During odd years, students study the geology of the area–rocks, volcanoes, lava tubes, et al. (They study Native American history during even years).

On Friday, students will be descending with their groups into a variety of pitch black caves. Ideally, these groups should be around 6 students, but right now we have only enough chaperones to have groups of 10 to 12. If you’re able and willing, please email us ASAP! Thanks.

Students will need sturdy shoes, layered clothing, a flashlight, and a bike helmet in order to attend. That means not flip flops or sandals, gym shorts, or skirts. The bike helmet is an absolute requirement. Students also need a sack lunch, a full water bottle, and snacks for the bus. It’s supposed to be hot over there this week, but the caves themselves are a consistent 42 degrees. Permission slips for the trip went home a week ago and are due Wednesday at the latest. If you need a new one, please download and print from here.

If you have any questions, please contact us at mack.lewis@district6.org or charles.hadley@district6.org.