Room 15 Update for Oct. 8

There’s a lot going on this week at CPE.

School pictures are Tuesday. Whether you’re purchasing or not, please note that this will be your child’s yearbook photo.

Jog-a-Thon is Thursday. This is the PTO’s most significant fundraiser of the year. CPE has stayed at the forefront of technology thanks to past jog-a-thons.

There’s no school on Friday. This is “Statewide Inservice Day.” a day when teachers have the opportunity to take continuing education classes at various locations around the state. It replaces what used to be Columbus Day.

Conferences are fast approaching. At last check I had 20 of my 34 students scheduled. Please click on the Conference tab to verify your time. Some are slightly different than requested.

Finally, our Lava Beds trip is Oct. 20th. We need a few more chaperones for this all day trip. Permission slips go home tomorrow (Monday).

Students of the Month

I have another wonderful class of fifth graders! I have a couple of pleasant and capable students new to our school (Dakota and Hannah). I have kids I’ve known since kindergarten–if not before (Emma and Ella). I have siblings of former students (Tyson, Trevor, Sylas, and others). And I have a whole bunch of other GREAT kids. This week I get to acknowledge two students as Students-of-the-Month. Congrats to Daisy R. and Eric T. These two kids are off to a fantastic start. In addition to being well-behaved and good citizens, they’re eager to participate and they’re producing excellent work. They’ve set a high standard for what it means to be Student-of-the-Month. Great job, Eric and Daisy!

At home kids should be working on their play scripts and preparing for math tests on decimal place value and telling time.
Don’t forget to book your fall conference by clicking on the Conferences tab.
Jog-a-Thon information went home on Friday. Kids are encouraged to start getting sponsors. The event itself is Oct. 12th.
Walk-and-Bike-to-School Day is this Wednesday, Oct. 4th. Kids can gather at Banner Bank on Pine Street or Van Horn Park on Freeman Road to join a convoy of kids, parents, and staff.
School Pictures are next week, Tuesday, Oct. 10th.
Our Lava Beds trip is coming up (Oct. 20th). If you’re interested in joining us, please let me know. Be sure you have a volunteer form on file in the office (if you’re not sure, email me).

This Week’s Super Sentences

Fifth grade students should be able to craft an error-free sentence, yet without practice they struggle with this basic skill. That’s where our Super Sentences program comes in. In addition to traditional writing and spelling activities, kids spend time writing and editing a single sentence per day. Late in the week they’re “tested” and then asked to revise and print their sentences on line. Here is our first attempt of the year.

Welcome to Room 15!

Look at this fun bunch of rotters!Thanks to all of you who attended Back-to-School Night. If you weren’t able to attend, be sure to explore the tabs above and at right for lots of information about how our classroom operates.

As long as the weather or the air quality don’t derail our plans, we’ll be heading off to our first field trip on Tuesday (Sept. 19th). We need several chaperones for this trip. If you’re planning on attending, please let me know. You’ll need to have an approved volunteer application on file with the office as well.

The Crater Lake trip snuck up on us a bit…after all, we’re only two weeks into the school year. To assist families in their planning, here’s some of what we have on tap for the rest of the year:

Awards Assembly: Sept. 29
Walk & Bike to School Day: Oct. 4
Jog-a-Thon: Oct. 12
No School: Oct. 13
Lava Beds: Oct. 20
Harvest Fair: Oct. 21
Mini-Marathon: Oct. 31
ScienceWorks: Dec. 15 (I think)
Planetarium: Dec. 7
Tree Plant: Feb. 8
Crater Lake (spring snowshoeing and sledding): TBD
Exhibition Night: April 27th
Table Rock hike (with 1st grade book buddies): TBD
Overnight Oregon Coast trip May 31-June 1
Adopt-a-Street clean-ups: TBD

Also note that Fall Conferences are scheduled for October 25-27. You can schedule yours by clicking on the Conferences tab.

Finally, for those willing and able to contribute a little extra to the classroom, we are always in need of snacks such as pretzels, Goldfish, and Cheezits. If you happen to work in a bank, you can help us out by supplying us with checkbook registers for the Checkbook Project we do each spring. If you work in a medical or dental office, we ‘re always on the lookout for boxes of nitrile gloves for use with our Adopt-a-Street clean-ups. Thanks in advance for your help with these items.

Letter from Riva

Here are the latest letters (one to class, one to Maya and Kelsey), artwork, and report card from our lovely student in Nepal. Each year Room 15 kids collect small change in order to sponsor Riva’s education in Nepal. Last year’s kids went over and above, exceeding the $300 goal by twenty bucks. Can this year’s class equal that success? For more info about Riva and our sponsorship, click on the Nepal Project link at right.

Take note of Riva’s excellent report card. It says she was ranked fifth in her 5th grade class and she earned the highest level, “Distinction.” Her excellent report card also meant she graduated to a new form, which isn’t a guarantee in Nepal like it is here.

How Are You Spending Your Summer?

All right all you Room 15 kids (past and present), it’s time to report in with your summer activities. What are you up to? Where have you been? Going to the Jackson County Fair? The lake? Taking tennis lessons? Email me a picture and a description about how you’re spending your summer and I’ll post it here on The Platy. To get us started, here’s a great pic of Kim and Abby hangin’ out at the beach. It looks like a lot more fun than spending time messing with video games or watching YouTube.

Coast Trip Pics

Examining sealife under the docks No, these aren’t dead bodies or sleeping people. We’re stretched out on the docks so that we can sea the amazing sea creatures below the surface. It was one of my favorite moments of the trip–a quiet respite with just a handful of kids. To see a bunch of great pics from the 2017 Oregon Coast Excursion, click on the picture at left, or go to the tab under “Special Events” marked “2017 Coast Trip.” Have fun!

Baby Picture Show & Year-End Awards

Click here to view the 2017 Year in Review and 5th Grade Baby Picture Show. Also, congrats to our year-end award winners! Our Presidential Scholars (akin to Top 5% academically) were Suzy Foster, Maya Gonzalez, and Jonathan Curwood. Our Fitness Medalists were Ethan Johnson, Jaime Gonzalez, Jason Diaz, Alexis Silva, and Mason Nieto. Ethan ran almost 300 miles this year!  Our Fact Car Rally (math facts) Co-Champions were Jonathan Curwood and Alexis Silva. Our Room 15 Co-Artist-of-the-Year Awards went to Skylar Petee and Abby Long. Our Room 15 Actor-of-the-Year Award went to Rubie Esqueda. And finally, our Classroom Spirit Award went to Brianna Stratton. When Brianna moved into our class halfway through the year, she brought with her an uncommon enthusiasm. Congrats to all these super students, to all those who earned student-of-the-month awards this year, to all those with perfect attendance, and to all those who demonstrated grit and perseverance this school year. Well done, Roadrunners!

Coast Trip & End of Year Schedule

Despite sometimes challenging weather, our outdoor ed trip to the coast appeared to be a roaring success. The kids were well-behaved and enthusiastic throughout. Thank you to all who attended and to all who supported their kids by sending them on the trip with proper gear and clothing.

If anyone has pictures they’re willing to share, I’d love to see them so that I can post them here on The Platy and possibly use them in the year-end slide show, which I hope to finish over the next two days.

Also, we’re fulfilling our community service obligation to the City of Central Point’s Adopt-a-Street program tomorrow (Monday) at 10 a.m.. If you’re willing to chaperone one last time, please come on down.

I rarely show movies in class, even education videos, but we’re going to be watching a movie in class this week entitled Fantastic Mr. Fox, which is based on a Roald Dahl book we read early in the year. If you have an objection to it please let me know and I’ll provide your child with an alternative activity during those times.

The rest of the schedule this week looks like this:

State Testing: every day…no, just kidding.
Monday 10:00 a.m. — Adopt-a-Street clean-up of Hopkins Street
Tuesday 1:00 p.m. — Student vs Staff softball game
Wednesday 9 a.m. — Roadrunner Day activities (some of you have volunteered to help. Thanks!)
Thursday 8:45 a.m. –Year-end assembly (incl. Baby Pic show)
Thursday 1:15 p.m. — Report Cards go home; Dismissal.