Important Dates

Week of April 22 — Potential after-school Newsies practices
April 26 — Exhibition, 5:30-7:30 (need kids at 5)
May 6 — Newsies full performance, 6:30, CPE (need kids at 5:45)
May 9 — Crater Lake trip (8 am – 5 pm)
May 24 — DARE 5th Grade Graduation (12:45 p.m.) (This is a date change!)
May 31 — DARE Day (Kids only! 9-1:30)
June 6 & 7 — Outdoor Ed Coast Trip

Baby Pics

It’s time to send in those baby pictures for our annual Year-in-Review and 5th Grade Baby Picture Program. Select a photo of your 5th grader from when he or she was an infant (between 9 months and 3 years are most popular; close ups with vibrant colors work best). You can scan the photo yourself (600 or better resolution) and simply e-mail it to Or, use a sticky note to put the child’s first and last name on the back. Drop it by the school or have your child deliver it to Mr. Lewis. We’ll be making digital scans of each photo and then returning them on the day of the show in June. IWe need all photos by April 30th at the latest. For more info click here, but if you have any questions, e-mail Mr. Lewis at

Newsies Music (updated)

Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay

The Sidewalks of New York

East side, West side,
All around the town,
The tots sang ‘Ring-a-Rosie’,
Brooklyn Bridge is falling down!
Boys and girls together,
Me and Mamie O’Rorke,
Tripped the light fantastic
On the sidewalks of New York.

I Ain’t Got Nobody

Oh I ain’t got nobody
Oh nobody cares for me
I’m so sad and lonely
Won’t somebody please take a chance on me?

When Your’e Smiling

Oh when you smilin’, when you smilin
The whole world smiles with you.
Yes when you laughin’ oh when you laughin’
The sun comes shinin through.

But when you cryin’, you bring on the rain
So stop your sighin. Be happy again
Keep on smilin, keep on smilin, 
And the world will smile with you

Hot Times in the Old Town

When you hear all the bells go ding a ling
All join ’round and sweetly you must sing
And when the verse is through in the chorus all join in
There’ll be a hot time in the old town tonight. My baby

Please oh please, oh do not let me fall,
You’re all mine and I love you best of all,
And you must be my pal, or I’ll have no pal at all,
There’ll be a hot time in the old town tonight.

Spring Conference Times Now Available

To schedule a spring conference, click on the “Spring Conferences.” tab (above). These conferences work somewhat differently than those in the fall: rather than full, sit-down meetings, students “exhibit” their portfolios (this is different than the school-wide Exhibition Night on April 26th). To view the portfolio, receive the report card/progress report, and chat briefly about your child, you can simply “drop in” during either of the two open sessions. However, if you feel a full traditional conference is necessary, you may schedule a specific time by following the directions on the “Spring Conferences” page.

Newsie On Strike Musical

For this year’s Exhibition, Room 15 kids have opted to produce a musical based on the 1899 New York City newsboy strike (similar to but not the same as Disney’s “Newsies”). Because Exhibition is meant to involve all students in a significant collaborative project, all Room 15 kids will be expected to participate in the musical. Some students will be acting, others will be working on set design and prop construction, as stage hands, or in other support roles.

Tryouts for speaking roles will be held on the afternoon of Wednesday, Feb. 6th. Interested students, regardless of the role they’re pursuing, need to memorize this tryout script. Students will be able to identify desired roles when trying out.

All students, regardless of duties, will be challenged to develop a costume—and they’ll need parent help to do it.  Though Exhibition isn’t until late April, now is the time to get started. We’d like to see costumes completed by Spring Break. These pictures show what newsie “street kids” looked like. Note that a few students will be cast in minor adult roles. They’ll need to develop a costume based on the stylish folks in the picture at right.

Exhibition is quite possibly the most significant focal point of our entire school year. In addition to the musical itself, students will be documenting what they learn and why it’s important. Staging a quality musical is an exceptionally complicated challenge. It’ll only come off if all our students put forth their absolute best effort and families lend their maximum support. However, school musicals are also tremendously rewarding, the kind of thing that students remember and take pride in forever. Thank you in advance for your support!

This Week’s Super Sentences

Kids have completed their Super Sentence test, which appear below. This week’s structure is compound predicate. That means the sentence must have a single subject (the person or thing the sentence is about) who performs two or more actions. Click on the comments to see the kids’ work.

CPETV #17: The Coast Trip!

Finally, after all this time, we finally have a new episode! This one covers our Oregon Coast Outdoor Ed Excursion from June 2018. The Coast Trip is always hectic and the kids are busy from start to finish, but our hosts, Daisy and Jocelyn, managed to write their host script on the bus as we traveled and then squeezed in the host segments whenever we had a spare ten minutes–which wasn’t often. Pretty impressive. Enjoy!

Blobfish Vocabulary

Here are the vocabulary words for this week. In addition to knowing these ten, students also must be prepared to spell two random review words from our last test. The bonus word this week is sesquipedality. Students should have this list and the definitions in their homework folders. The test is likely to be Wednesday or Thursday.