Class Work for Friday, April 3

Welcome back, 5th graders! Special thanks to all of you who showed up for our small group class meetings last night. It was wonderful to see you! Future meetings will be during the day. Our next one will be Monday at 1pm.

Lots of nifty stuff for you today. Pretty easy, too! Here’s what you need to accomplish today:

Super Sentence test. The test is posted in Classroom in the tab that says “Classwork.”

Math Review: Greatest Common Factor Part 2. Click on the Home Instruction tab and the Math tab her on The Platy for information.

For reading, let’s end the week with a fun play: The Elephants and the Mice in Storyworks. Did you know elephants hate mice because the mice can run up their noses? I wonder if that plays into the story. There ‘s NO assignment with it; just read it for the fun of it, but to make sure you actually read it, there is a question on your end of day quiz about it. You’ll find the play in Google Classroom under Classwork.

Let’s not forget about cursive. Write FIVE each of lower case a, e, i, o, and u as neatly as you can on a sheet of paper. Write your signature five times too. Take a pic of it with your phone or scan it and share it with me in Google Docs.

I can’t take you too much further with inventions until I get Slavery & the Civil War covered. This segment of history is gruesome and depressing, but you need to know it. Why? (You tell me.) Click on the History tab and copy the entries into your composition journal.

Won’t you please join me an my pet raven for the next chapter in Room of Shadows? If you haven’t been listening, you’re missing out. People buried alive, skeletons running in the streets, coffins, gravestones…plus it’s the easiest assignment of the whole day. All you have to do is sit back and listen for 5 or 10 minutes.

PE: Free choice today. Take a pic of yourself exercising and share it on Docs. It’ll be worth $50 in your checkbook when we get back to class.

Speaking of checkbooks, many of you are completing every assignment and grabbing every opportunity to make the best of this situation (awesome!), but some of you aren’t doing much of anything (disappointing). How are you going to pay desk rent when we get back to school next month (and I’m confident we will)? All these quizzes and assignments are worth checkbook $, and some of you are going broke. If you haven’t been keeping up, go back and try to make-up as many assignments as you can. We’re supposed to start keeping track of GRADES and ATTENDANCE now, so your participation is critical. If you need materials or other assistance to keep up, let me know!

Finally, you have an End of Day Quiz checking up on all the work you did today, and you have a NEW reading log for EVERY DAY. Make sure you submit both of them in Google Classroom under the Classwork tab.

Have a great day. Stay strong!

Storyworks log-in

Students, you should be seeing these screens when you jump to Storyworks. The directions are pretty obvious. If you’re not seeing these screens, you have a pop-up blocker on your computer. You can either get help from a parent on fixing that, or change to a different browser such as Chrome or Firefox, for example.

Class Work for Thursday, April 2

Today we’re trying something a little different. You can do these activities on your own schedule. You can start as early as you want or do them as late as you want, as long as you finish by the time we have our Zoom meetings at 5, 5:20, and 5:40.

Warm-up: Complete the Mini Math Sheet in Google Classroom. You can download and print or just view it online and write your answers on a sheet of paper or in your composition journal. I’ll be picking random problems as a quiz for you to take during our Zoom meeting, so SAVE ALL YOUR ANSWERS.

Writing: Post a Super Sentence in Google Classroom (I’ve started a thread). Remember, STAY IN THAT THREAD. As people share their sentences, please offer feedback (to at least two people) but DO NOT LEAVE THE THREAD. Keep reading all the comments for feedback for your sentence. The sample and topics appear in Classroom. Come back in the evening to see my feedback for you.

Reading: “Game Changer” in Storyworks. It’s posted in Classroom. If you’re still not figuring out how to log-in, see the post on The Platy. It’s right beneath this one. If you read “Game Changer” yesterday, you must re-read it today so that you can complete the Google Form assignment that goes with it. TURN IT IN in Google after you finish it.

Math: Greatest Common Factor. Watch this video, read page 204 in the math text, and then do worksheet A. It comes with an answer key to check your work, but make sure you’re figuring it out because you must pass an exit ticket later today. Worksheet B is your math homework for tonight.

Write down today’s History Entry in you composition journal. It appears here.

Read Aloud: Listen to Chapter 5 of Room of Shadows (make sure you’ve already listened to the earlier chapters).

PE: Did you know that 4,500 McDonald’s burgers are eaten every 60 seconds? Explore this chart of amazing things that happen in 60 seconds and then see what you can do in 60 seconds. Use the timer on your phone to try some fitness challenges. How many jumping jacks can you do in 60 seconds? Can you stay in plank position for a full sixty seconds? Take a few deep breathes and then see if you can hold your breath for 60 seconds. Share your results in Classroom. What else can you do in 60 seconds? Come up with some ideas to challenge your classmates with a Classroom post.

Attend our EVENING Zoom Meetings: Keepers of the School at 5:00, Riding Freedom at 5:20 p.m., and Dr. Doolittle at 5:40 p.m. I will send out an invite prior to the meeting. Please join the meeting only during your specified time!

Finally, I’ve created a new form for you to record your nightly reading. It appears here. After you read tonight, fill it out and turn it in in Classroom. Thanks! Have a great day!

Schedule for Wednesday, April 1st

No school today. Mwah! It’s April Fool’s Day! You bet you have school!

9:00 a.m. Daily Business. Review the day’s activities and then make a list in your composition journal entitled “Ten Seafoods.” And don’t just say “fish.” Be specific. Come up with at least ten things found in the ocean that people eat. I’m talking normal people like us, so don’t say “whale blubber.” Regular people like us don’t eat whale blubber. When done, go to classroom to share your entry.

9:20 a.m. Super Sentences (in Classroom, just like yesterday)

9:50 a.m. Game Changer, a short article from Storyworks. I’ll post it when we’re ready to read and respond to it in Google Classroom

10:30 a.m. Take a short break

10:45 a.m. Survey questions. I’ll be posting a bunch of questions on Classroom for you to answer. These questions will give me an idea what’s working and what isn’t.

11:15 a.m. Math (It’s here on the Platy under Home Instruction)

12:00 Lunch

Afternoon: You set your schedule but you have all of these things to do: History entry (on the Platy under Home Instruction), Fitness (it’s goin to be a nice day today), Drawing 101 (Home Instruction page), and homework reading and math. Also, you must be finished with your chapter book by tomorrow, so make sure Doolittle, Keepers, and Riding Freedom are done! Also, make sure you’ve listened to the first four chapter of Room of Shadows.If you still want more to do, try signing in to your Clever account and go to one of the math programs for more practice with prime factorization or basic multiplication facts. Notice, there is NO ZOOM MEETING today.

Today’s Schedule, Tuesday, March 31st

9:00 a.m. Log-in to Google Classroom for your clicker question. Just leave a comment with your answer and reason.

9:15 a.m. Super Sentences (Classroom). I’ll be able to see your answers. I’ll pick a few to post so we can give feedback.

9:45 a.m. History (Platy). Click on “Home Instruction,” and “History.”

9:45 a.m. Math lesson (Platy). Click on Home Instruction and then Math. There’ll be a short video to watch and an assignment to do. You need to post your first three answers on classroom as a comment so I can check to see that you’re doing it correctly.

11:00 a.m. Make sure you finished The Snake that Ate Florida. Be prepared to discuss it at 1:00. You also have a new reading assignment in Classroom entitled “Should We Get Rid of Daylight Savings Time?” Follow the directions posted with it. Remember, you need to hit the button “Sign in with Google Classroom” when you are accessing Storyworks.

12:00 Lunch and free time

1:00 p.m. Zoom meeting. I’ll send out the invite at 1:00.

2:00 p.m. You can listen to Room of Shadows read aloud (you can listen to all four chapters, if you want). You also need to get some PE in…go for a walk, a run, or a bike ride, or do some exercises or stretching for at least 20 minutes. I’ll post a question on Classroom asking you what you did. Make sure you’re done with your chapter book and record your nightly reading. And here is tonight’s math homework. It comes with a key. Do the assignment and use the key to see how you’re doing. If you’re missing a lot, go back and watch the math videos again, read the text book page 200, or ask your parents for a bit of coaching. Report to me in Classroom how you did.

Log-in again tomorrow at 9 a.m. for more!

This Week in Room 15

On Monday, March 30th, students are to read the article, The Snake That’s Eating Florida and answer the comprehension quiz that goes with it. You’ll find the article and quiz in Google Classroom. After clicking on the article link, click the button that says “Log-in with Google Classroom.”

Students also need to finish their chapter books (Doolittle, Riding Freedom, and Keepers of the School). We will also be having reading group discussion for each of the three book clubs on Thursday, so if you didn’t finish, you need to hustle. Remember to record your reading minutes on an assignment calendar. You can download a new one here, or if you can’t print, create one on a sheet of notebook paper. Make sure you put dates and titles!

Listen to the Chapter 1 read aloud from Room of Shadows here.

On Tuesday, March 31st, log in to Google Classroom at 9 a.m.. I’ll have activities for you to do until 1 p.m. when you need to be prepared for another Zoom meeting. I will provide a code in Google Classroom just before the meeting begins.

Please email me at if you have questions or if you need materials. Thanks!

It’s Spring Break!

Ah, that falls a bit flat, doesn’t it? Beaches are closed, you’re locked inside. I’m sorry. Still, we don’t have any classroom expectations for you this week other than to finish your chapter book, Doolittle, Riding Freedom, or Keepers of the School. I’ll be quizzing you on it next week. Make sure you’re recording all your reading minutes on your assignment calendar.

Here’s a great pic of Madison reading the newspaper in class a couple weeks ago. I wonder what news article grabbed her attention.

Otherwise, I’m still taking orders for bird house materials. I hope to have those available in the next day or two, and I plan on posting my virtual birdhouse video this week too.

Please respect the Governor’s order to stay at home. It keeps all of us safer. But do get outside. This is a good time to clean up the yard, do some gardening, to take walks (but only with your family) around the neighborhood. This is a good time to ride your bike (but stay away from other people), to help your folks clean out the garage or porch, and to do some reading.

Next week we’ll be starting full-blown online school (with some twists). You’re going to need your math book, your journal (the one we write lists in), and your log-in info for some of the programs we use it school. If you left school before the closure without those things (and your chapter book, too), email me as soon as possible. The District is working out plans about how to get them to you.

In addition to the Platy and our Google Classroom page, we’ll be introducing you to our Google “Sites” page and a group meeting platform called Zoom. It’s especially exciting because we’ll get to meet up online and talk to and see one another live! I’ll be sending out info on those items soon!

Hang in there, Rotters!