Room 15 Update

Hi families. Great to see kids answering the reading questions on Google Classroom. In case you’re having a hard time signing in, the newest questions appear below. Kids can answer them by leaving a comment.

Also, by now kids should be finishing up the three math review sheets and the states map.

See the last post for info about building a bird house at home. You have to let me know which bird house plan you want (they’re at the bottom of the post). I’ll get the pieces for you and let you know when they’re available for pick-up at the school. When you finish building, send me a picture of it to my email address at

This question is for Doolittle after reading chapter 10: If you were the pushme-pullyu, would you have wanted to go with the Doctor?

This question is for Riding Freedom after reading Chapter 6: Charlotte’s a bit of a rascal, isn’t she? What do you think about what she did to Mr. Millshark?

These questions are for Keepers after they read Chapter 7: 1. What is the Tempus Fugit? 2. I wonder why Jill changes her mind. In Chapter 6 she was telling Ben that there was nothing wrong with an amusement park, but in Chapter 7 she’s suddenly joining him in his quest to save the school. Any ideas why?

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  1. Yes, but she can build one at home. Tell her to choose something different than the one from school.

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