CPE Room 15 kids have started their Exhibition project. This year’s theme is “All About Birds: Nesting Boxes and Birdhouses.”  Students are working in groups of 2 or 3. Each group is studying a specific species native to the Rogue Valley. They’ll be expected to write, create, edit, and exhibit a green screen presentation about their species, which they’ll premier on Exhibition Night, April 24th. They’ll also be building structures related to their bird such as nesting boxes, roosting boxes, and feeders. They’ll be doing the bulk of this work at school using specific plans gleaned from expert organizations such as The Audubon Society and Cornell University. We hope to make use of used materials whenever possible. If you have any of the following items around your garage, shop, or yard, please consider donating them: metal fabric, L-brackets, small hinges, old cedar boards, 1 5/8″ to 2″ galvanized nails or screws. We also need a couple 4×4 posts and a 3″ hole saw. Remember, we’re looking for used material. Please don’t go spend any money. Thanks!

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  1. Hello again Mr. Lewis! it’s Lui, and i know it has been a while. but i want to ask this years students this: can you see the flaws in my sentences(it is really easy). while you are figuring that out, i also want to tell all the students to stay good to you Mr. Lewis!

    Enjoy the Year! Sincerely,
    Luitovio Faaaliga
    PS: good job on exhibition guys

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