26 thoughts on “This Week’s Super Sentences

  1. Cristian was walking to school when an angry garbage man yelled, “Hey do you want to earn five bucks for doing my job for a month?!”

  2. While at the store, Lola yelled, ” Oh no! The angry garbage men are eating sewing machines! “

  3. While collecting trash, the angry garbage man threw a broken sewing machine
    and barked, “You stupid kids!”

  4. One day Laken was watching Monsters inc. and he “screamed sewing machine” and angry garbage men came in his house and played barbie dolls with him.

  5. When I was in Taco Bell I said,”Look, theirs a angry garbage man throwing away food.”

  6. While making a dress for the garbage women, Gavin said, ” Here you go madame, and have a great day today.”

  7. I was running and I saw Laken sewing a monster inc logo onto a can and Brison yelled at the angry garbage man,” you stole my garbage and my bed and my food,”and garbage men only get trash.?!?!

  8. When I was in Taco Bell I said, “Look, there is an angry garbage man throwing away food.”

  9. One day an angry garbage man was at the park, and then he screamed, “I like garbage and I can not lie. My other brothers can’t dyne!”

  10. One time a bald person (Mr. Hadley) told me that when he was on a tour in the desert he smelled cacti.

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