This Week’s Super Sentences

Fifth grade students should be able to craft an error-free sentence, yet without practice they struggle with this basic skill. That’s where our Super Sentences program comes in. In addition to traditional writing and spelling activities, kids spend time writing and editing a single sentence per day. Late in the week they’re “tested” and then asked to revise and print their sentences on line. Here is our first attempt of the year.

30 thoughts on “This Week’s Super Sentences

  1. One day my grandma and I went to the Rogue River and my dog came with my grandma`s dog, and the neighbor`s dog got in a dog fight with ours.

  2. Today I was walking my teacup chihuahua and then I ran into my friend who got me a rootbeer and cherry snowcone outside the school dance.

  3. On my parent`s computer I did a virus and it was about a Dog eating a snowcone in the bathroom stall and it was rootbeer flavered then it fell in the tolet and the dog liked a husky and it was funny.

  4. Today when I was playing Minecraft on my computer I saw Herobrian and when I loged in the next day I got a virus

  5. On the last day of School there is a snow cone machine and one time i had a go to the front of the line pass so I used it and I went to the front of the line.

  6. My dogs went to a shop. Then they got snowcone but then they spiled a snowcone. It got om the computer and the next day mom try it did not work

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