This Week’s Super Sentences

Room 15 kids learned ho to write sentences using a colon to introduce a list. If the did it correctly, the phrase preceding the colon could stand alone as a complete sentence and it introduces the subject of the list. The items after the colon should be a list, with each item separated by a comma. This week’s topics were Endermans (apparently a video game creature), pantyhose, and Christoph Columbus. ¬†Click “replies” to see this week’s sentences.

29 thoughts on “This Week’s Super Sentences

  1. Last night I saw four hairy Enderman: one with black hair, one with brown hair, one with grey hair, and one with blue hair.

  2. One time I saw an Enderman do weird things: he threw John in a lava pool, blew Dakota up, threw Jordan into space and did the “Gungnum Style” dance.

  3. Today I saw things that were horrible: Christopher Columbus tanning, Amber hugging Layne, Chloe hurting Amber for Layne, and my mom wearing a bikini.

  4. Yesterday I saw lots of movies about Endermen: Minecraft City, Lets Kick Some Blocks, Hi I’m Enderman, and Hi Lets Fly!

  5. An Enderman destroyed all the art I made for Mr.Lewis:an etch it out eagle, a yellow flower, a sleeping dragon, and a portrait of Mr.Lewis.

  6. Right now, I’m seeing different things that an enderman is doing: he is riding a saddled pig, shooting creepers with a bow, waving his legs about, and he is dancing with multi-colored yoshis.

  7. Four weeks ago, my grandfather showed me some really old pictures: Christopher Columbus wearing pantyhose, Grace chasing after Layne, Bob the Blob Fish smiling, and a fly eating a spider.

  8. Nine days ago, an enderman stole a lot of things:an iron block,Christopher Columbus’s hat,and one of Jonah’s Yoshis

  9. Today I saw Christopher Columbus and Kaycee wearing wierd stuff: pantyhose,ties,chains,sweaters,that say ” I’m cool” and hats that say ” Hi and Bye”.

  10. Two years ago I saw disturbing things : Justin Timberlake eating worms , Justin Bieber wearing pantyhose , Faith Hill kicking Johnny Depp , and Mr.Lewis acting like a pig.

  11. Yesterday I saw a lot of weird things:Christopher Columbus trying to use a computer, Grace hugging Layne, a hedgehog wearing panty hose, and Dyani following Layne.

  12. Daisy dared Samuel a lot of things:to go to school wearing just panty hose, to ask out Amber, to hug Dyani, and to dance around like a cowboy.

  13. One time some people were wearing pantyhose:Celina R.,Emily H.,Dakoda M.,Samuel J.,Enrique C., and Amber N.

  14. I saw Christopher Columbus on Monday he was with Kane in pantyhose and the pantyhose are gray and pink and green.

  15. Christopher Columbus was wearing lots of crazy things: panty hose, Bob ( Enrique C.), a shirt that was higher than his belly button, and a hat that said ” I love Itzel F.”

  16. One day ago Kane saw an Enderman and it did mean things to him: punched him,broke his house, took all his food so he will get hungry, and tossed him to space.

  17. The other day I saw lots of weird things: Christopher Columbus riding Jonah like a donkey, a giant cake crushing the city, Paige kissing a bug, and Zach wearing pantyhose to school.

  18. For Christmas Dyani Zavala got some funny stuff : lots of Layne Collom shirts,Enderman shirts,and “I love you Zach” T-shirts.

  19. When Christopher Columbus went on an expedition he saw many different things: a blue bird,a wolf, a panda,and a pack of bears.

  20. One time on Halloween Layne was dressed up as Christopher Columbus he knock on
    dyani’s door and dyain screamed.

  21. When I woke up i saw weird things: my little Brother running around the house in his panty hose, Amber siting on the couch, my sister crying in the kitchen, and my dad dancing to Just Dance 4 in a towel.

  22. I saw the werdist thing today : an enderman, CristopherCulumbus, slenderman,and steve from Mincaft wearing pantyhose

  23. One rainy Tusday I saw Enderman doing funny things: he was wearing pantyhose, he was petting a chameleon, he was saying bacon strips, and he was kicking Emily.

  24. Today I found out some strange things about Christopher Columbus:he found a Enderman, he saw someone throwing Justin B into shark infested water, he saw a pack of wolfs flying, and he met a pig eating strawberry pie.

  25. In enderman named chuky dude did weird things: he ate Christopher Clombus, he drank a half-gallon of zombie nerd jucie, and he ate Kane.

  26. This week I’m going to meet Christopher Columbus and I need lots of things; water, food, a tent, map, and a sleeping bag.

  27. Yesterday Christopher Columbus ate a lot of weird things for lunch: a pair of pantyhose, pig guts, all my books, and my pens.

  28. One time my mom got me lots of weird stuff: one Enderman ,two Christopher Columbus,three fat dudes,four panty hose, five illusions creepers,and six mine craft zombies,seven enderdragonsk,

  29. About 100 years ago when Christopher Columbus did a lot of weird things: he gave Layne Collom a weggie, he pantsed zachary, he kicked Jon in the butt, and he socked Justin Bieber in the face while he was on a date with Itzel Flores.

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