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Model Magic Monsters!


Art Club met on October 17th, and we got a chance to unleash our inner mad scientist by creating mini monsters. We used an air dry material called Model Magic. It comes in the primary colors, so we made our own green (yellow & blue), orange (yellow & red), violet (red & blue), and my favorite; “blegh” (red, yellow, and blue). You can buy model magic at Michael’s and Fred Meyer if you want to be a monster maker too!

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Art Club Meeting #2 POP-UPs


Wednesday, October 3rd was our 2nd club meeting. Unfortunately, we had to meet out in the hot sun, so that I could keep an eye on my Academic Lab. Students learned how to make simple pop-up mechanisms and then cut construction paper letters to glue to the pop-ups. I gave out an extra challenge of drawing a picture from the point of view of an insect.

There is a whole world of paper artists out there to explore. Check them out!

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Art Club has begun!


Scenic’s first Art Club meeting of this school year was yesterday! Sixty-five students attended, that’s a record! Our activity was suggested by 7th grade member Megan Burkhart. She found the project online. Each artist traced their own hand and then drew repeated lines that curve through the hand. The built up lines create an optical illusion, OP Art! Student examples are soon to follow, so check back.


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Hand Transformation Drawings


I hope you are all working on finishing up your hand transformations! You can give them to me as soon as you’ve finished. I am posting them in the Art classroom. If you missed the May 7th meeting, stop by and see me.

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